Virtual & LED Studios

News Update: 1st may 2024 I have so far identified 4 LED Studios in Bangkok. I have visited VS1 abd VS3. I have pricing for both. I will shortly visit the other 2 studios and then update this page.

Name: VS1 Supreme Studio
Style: XR LED Wall Studio
Location: Bangkok
XR LED Wall Studio. LED Studio. This is the most technologically advanced Studio in Thailand
Contact us for more information.    Line ID: bangkokvideo
Whatapp: +66 89 518 6076

Name: VS2   Unfold Studio

Name: VS3  AlphaGround Studio
Style: LED Wall Studio
Location: Onnut, Bangkok
LED Wall Studio. LED Studio is also available with a Green-screen or with a selection of interview setups
Price with LED Wall & Technician: 3 hours: 9,000 THB |  6 hours: 12,000 THB | 12 hours 20,000 THB
Price: (With green-screen) 3 hours:  7,000 THB | 6 hours: 12,000 THB | 12 hours: 16,000 THB
Includes green screen roll-up, white screen roll-up, technician on site.
Price: (Interview Setups) 3 hours: 15,000 THB | 6 hours: 20,000 THB | 12 hours: 28,000 THB
Includes LED screen, Choice of 3 furniture sets, Carpets, etc. 2 Rode NT1 microphones, lighting (2 Amaran 300c+ 2 TC2 tubes)

Name: VS4   LE & Beyond Studio