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TikTok is all about short-format video. Most videos on TikTok are only 15 seconds long or less, although it’s possible to make videos of up to 60 seconds. The videos, accompanied by a wide mixture of effects and filters, can range from various hashtag challenges to dancing, memes, slow-mo, duets, cosplay and so on. Examples of hashtags include #raindropchallenge, which has been watched over 1 billion times to date.

TikTok has 800 Million users and allows users to upload videos up to 1 minute in length. TikTok has been downloaded more than 2 Billion times and is the fastest growing social media app in the marketplace.

Thailand’s TikTok Usage

Thailand consumers are known to spend large amounts of time on the internet. TikTok’s statistics has shown that Thailand TikTok users average about 35 minutes a day using TikTok. The figure is higher than the global average . In addition to this, TikTok has also revealed that Thai people average 4 uses of TikTok a day with 2 peak times. The peak times are before bed and during lunch hours.

Bangkok Video Productions, Thailand video productions, film fixer Bangkok, film fixer Thailand, bangkok advertising agency, thailand advertising agency

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Advertising on Tick Tok

How Can Brands Use TikTok?

There are three main ways that brands can market on TikTok.

Tick Top has 5 different types of advertising space namely:

Brand Takeover

A short video that users will see immediately when they open TikTok’s app


An advertising video that lasts 60 seconds longer than a normal one

In-Feed Ads

Ads that will be displayed and played to users as they scroll through their video feed

Hashtag Challenge

A unique way to engage and advertise to viewers by creating challenges to incentivize and engage viewers into creating viral videos for your campaign

Challenges are an essential feature of TikTok’s community. TikTok’s users love taking up a challenge and making and uploading videos accordingly. These challenges are usually given a #-tag name, to make them both memorable and easy-to-find.

Branded Effect

This one is interesting. TikTok uses AI technology to detect user’s behavior and patterns when using the app, to create various effects along the users’ journey. The main point of this is to make it such that the advertising will seem subtle and seamless, making it non disruptive for the users.

Marketing Example

Restaurant using - User-Generated Content

Again, this is a type of marketing that brands can either base from their own TikTok channel, or alternatively, work with influencers to encourage their follows to create user-generated content (UGC) supporting the brand in some way.

Generation Z loves the full immersive experience. That’s why they don’t sit at home watching traditional broadcast TV – it’s too much of a passive experience. Generation Z far prefers to be involved.

Bangkok Video Productions, Thailand video productions, film fixer Bangkok, film fixer Thailand, bangkok advertising agency, thailand advertising agency

If you can find a way to encourage your customers to share videos of themselves using or interacting with your products ins some way, you’re likely to get a high buy-in.

Chinese restaurant Haidilao discovered this with a DIY option on their menu. Customers who selected the DIY menu item created their own unique off-menu dish and then filmed the experience.

Once a few patrons uploaded their culinary attempts, others flocked to the restaurant so that they could also create their meal and video. Ultimately, more than 15,000 people requested the DIY option; 2,000 ultimately uploaded videos of their creations, and 50 million people viewed the videos.

Traditional Influencer Marketing

Of course, all the influence marketing techniques you see on other video-based platforms, such as YouTube, work on TikTok too. If your product suits an influencer’s audience, your TikTok influencer campaign should succeed. In most cases, you should leave it to the influencers to create the content – they know what their followers like.

As always, the key to influencer marketing success is setting appropriate goals, targeting a specific part of the purchase funnel. The young broadcasters of TikTok need to remain authentic to their followers for influencer marketing to succeed.

Often all a brand needs to do is to encourage influencers to make videos depicting them wearing or using the sponsor’s product. Again, this will only work if the influencer is the sort of person who would typically use the product. There is little value trying to encourage an influencer to promote an inappropriate product. You’re not going to sell retirement homes or hearing aids on TikTok successfully.

Another side effect of TikTok’s young clientele is that they are far less interested in flash camerawork and high video production values. You need to trust your influencers enough to produce their videos their way – even if they look amateurish to a marketer’s eye. TikTokers are interested in originality and fun, rather than the quality of your videos.

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Updated February 2022