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Artificial Intelligence Voice Engine for Super-Fast, Cost-Effective Localization of Advertising

Providing a voice-over to advertising often adds an extra layer for a more immersive viewing experience resulting in higher sales. However once you have an advertisement in one Voice-Over language, having that video narration translated into multiple languages can be very costly and time consuming. We know as we specialize in Live Voice Over Narration and Film Dubbing services.

To remove this barrier we have invested in what we consider to be the world's very best Artificial Intelligence Voice Engine. This allows us to select from more than 30 different voices, Male, Female or children in multiple languages and dialects and at the click of a button create a totally new Voice for your video in the language of your choice. We simply replace your current voice and now you have a video advertisement customized for your marketplace.

Here is a list of languages and accents we can translate into:

Updated: February 2022