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Advertising on the LINE Platform

A LINE advertising agency in Bangkok, Thailand explains how advertising on the quickly growing LINE social media platform can pay dividends for your brand.

LINE has experienced phenomenal growth since its launch as a social media and communications platform in 2011. In 2015, it reached 600 million subscribers to its convenient and straightforward app offering image and text messaging, video and audio sharing, VoIP phone calls, and video conferences.

Starting in 2014, LINE began to branch out offering an easy-to-use advertising platform that helped advertisers reach targeted consumers who use the LINE app. The ad platform is showing signs of becoming a valuable tool. This is particularly the case in Asia, where countries such as Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Thailand represent most of LINE's current users.

Harnessing the Popularity and Reach of LINE

As LINE continues to grow in popularity, it represents an easy-to-use opportunity for advertisers. Advertisers can reach both their customers and new consumers and inform them about the products and services they offer.

The advertising platform offers three formats, which are web ads, app ads and video ads, depending on the targets you're trying to reach.

Web ads are used to draw attention to and promote content on an external site other than LINE.

App ads are harnessed to provide promotion for app downloads referring users to your brand's products and services, and video ads provide an excellent platform to promote brand awareness and convey information.

Controlling the LINE Ads Platform Effectively

A brand has the ability to target ads specifically to LINE users by using four factors: Gender, Age, Interests, and Region. Deciding on a narrower demographic in which to target your ads saves you money, the wider an audience you're reaching, the more money you'll be spending.

It’s important to note that at this time, LINE does not provide any user information or data advertisers can use in deciding who to target ads to. Advertisers must make use of exterior, extrapolated data to determine their targets. But it does provide metrics that can be used to assess the effectiveness of an ad campaign undertaken on LINE specifically, although it doesn’t support metrics on websites that are linked to LINE.

These metrics provide useful data such as the average duration a user spends on looking at an app page ad, or a landing page ad, as well as the bounce rate and conversion rate of a specific ad.

The Future of Advertising with LINE Ads

LINE Ads is showing great potential as a targeted utility that can help your brand achieve awareness and drive traffic to your linked website and apps. This is particularly relevant in the four countries in which LINE is already well-established as a social media platform.

With LINE’s rate of growth showing no signs of slowing down, taking advantage of LINE Ads may well become one of your most important advertising decisions. The ability to target ads so specifically makes it a natural platform to use for regional brands operating in the four countries where the app has received widespread popularity and daily use.

LINE is currently undertaking marketing efforts to appeal to countries outside of Asia as well. Spain has a significant amount of users on the platform and users of social media in Chile have begun to discover the benefits of joining this multi-faceted, social media platform. The app has made a note of this growth and is expanding their marketing to account for this growth in the respective regions.

Basic LINE Ads Format + Components

LINE Ad Format

There are 3 ad formats to choose from:

  • Web ad

    • Used to promote content on an external site

  • App ad

    • Used to promote app downloads

  • Video ad

    • Used to promote brand awareness

LINE Ad Components

3-6 basic ad components can be displayed to your potential customers. Like other display networks, the components and size of the image may change depending on the ad’s location. For instance, if your ad is displayed on the timeline, it will have all 6 components:

  • Icon/account name

    • Description

    • Image

    • Title

    • Action button

    • Likes

When ads are displayed on LINE News or LINE Manga, there are 3-5 basic components:

  • Image

    • Title

    • Account name

    • Description

    • Action button

How to Manage the LINE Ads Platform

LINE Audience Targeting

Targeting the right demographic to match your product is a key component in all your marketing activities. When determining your target audience on LINE, there are 4 segments to choose from:

  • Age

    • Gender

    • Region

    • Interests

LINE Ads Platform – audience targeting

Kicking off your campaign with a broad target audience can create higher costs, because your ads will be exposed to thousands of users who may not be interested in your product or service. Therefore, targeting a specific audience and testing your campaigns and ad groups will help you better understand user behavior and develop cost-effective strategies.

Note: LINE does not provide any specific user information or 3rd-party data. Therefore, advertisers must rely on extrapolated data to analyze user behavior. This means that, for example, even if you do interest targeting for “fashion,” it may not mean that the audience is interested in your particular clothing product.


Extrapolated data can be a risk when targeting specific customers. The segmentation strategy briefly explained above may drive traffic that is unlikely to convert. By retargeting on the LINE Ads Platform, you can narrow down the users who have visited your website or app.

Note: It’s important to implement segment (audience building) tags before you start any campaign on the LINE Ads Platform, so that all accessed data can be tracked and used at any time.

Available Metrics

Like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, clicks, impressions, CTRs (click-through rates), conversions, average cost, and total cost can be viewed on the management tool.

The LINE Ads Platform does not promote activities outside of the platform. Therefore, it’s important to implement parameters on your final URL to track user behavior on Google Analytics or another business intelligence tool.

This can produce more detailed information, such as the bounce rate and the average duration on the landing page or an app page. In addition, you can also see if the conversions are firing properly and showing expected results (as there is sometimes a small glitch when using different platforms in tandem).

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4 Reasons to Advertise on LINE Ads Platform

Over 1 Billion Total Views per Month

Advertise your business on both LINE Timeline and LINE TODAY.

Create Targeted Ads

With LINE Ads Platform, you can set what ad targets are right for your business

via the following demographic settings:

Region, Gender, Age, OS, Interest, and Audience.

Save Audience Data with LINE Tags

LINE Tags help you manage and save useful data on

audience access to your ads.

Ad Space

on LINE Ads Platform

Your ads can appear in various locations on LINE Timeline and LINE TODAY, with

the system automatically choosing the most effective ad space for you.