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We have a specialized Events Filming Crew that focuses only on all types of events including Seminars and Conferences though to Trade-shows Live-events, internet streaming and even concerts. No matter what type of event you have planned we have the crew and equipment to ensure the highest quality service possible.

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment with full redundancy to ensure you get the film and audio footage that you want. We provide Live-streaming for Global Fortune 500 companies from around the world including Asia's first 6-Way Live Streaming between Taiwan-Singapore-Thailand with Seminar Participants viewing Presenters from 3 Countries interacting with participants from each country simultaneously.

Please provide us with the following information when requesting a quotation.

    1. Where is the event being held?

    2. When is the event being held?

    3. How many days is the event?

    4. How many speakers are there?

    5. What is the audience size (approx)?

    6. Do you want to film the entire speaker presentations or just highlights?

    7. What is the daily start-time and daily end-time you would like filming?

    8. Do you want to film interviews or audience members speaking?

    9. How many cameras would you like?

    10. What other requirements do you have?

Please copy & paste the above questions into your email quotation request, with answers. Thank you.

Landmark Seminars Promo-Video Produced by BVP

Images From BVP Produced Events.

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