Transport Industry

A series of Internet Advertisements
Directors Cut "Uber Drive"
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I EARN   |   I LIVE   |   I PROVIDE   |   I EARN 2

Michelin Tires
A Short Film with Story-line
"A young man is told by his Father that he can travel overseas with his girlfriend only after his tires wear out.... but they never do. Finally the father relents."

Michelin Tires
Short Commercial

YES Moto
A short film - with humor.
NASDAQ Listing Promo. Client: Yes-Moto USA

Short Commercial - "I Earn"

Short Commercial - "I Live"

Short Commercial - "I Provide"

Short Commercial - "I Earn 2"

Nordana Shipping Line

Air Astana Commercial
Green-screen filming at BVP Studio #1

Updated: October 2023