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Markus Weilguny
Professor at HTL SpengergasseAction
Stunt coordinator:
imbd page:

  • Coloring: A staple for Markus as he is the primary Post Production colorist for Red Bull.

  • Non-linear Editing: (Cutting and Sequencing raw film footage)

  • Graphics: Adding graphic layers to film & video

  • Animation: Along with graphics animation adds movement to graphics.

  • CGI & Special Effects: This specialized section adds artificial, realistic effects.

  • Titles and Typography: The text on screen inserted with design, precision and global standards.

  • Sound design: Music scores, folly sounds, clear vocals with consistency that make the visuals outstanding and emotional.

  • Localization: Making films and videos available to all markets. Dubbing, subtitling and censorship-compliance to all markets.

About Markus.
Prof. Markus Weilguny, MSc.
Action Director – Colorist – Teacher.

Markus is a director with a passion for projects that entertain, empower and inspire.

Highlights of Markus career has been working as a video director on Hitman, directing several commercials for VW and other big brands, stunt coordinating five Guinness world records with, as well as doing post-production on several high-end features and ads. Inspiring students in the many classes Markus has been given the chance to teach which is also an incredibly rewarding experience.

As an action director and stunt coordinator, Markus has contributed to the special-forces feature Cops, ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier, and numerous others. His company specializes in authentic action and also offers training for actors and production companies. This merges his passion for teaching with his experience as a licensed film weapons dealer, martial arts instructor and special effects pyrotechnician. For his work, I was awarded the “Pioneer of European Martial Arts” Award at the Masters’ Hall of Honour Europe.

Uniting his backgrounds in creativity and secret agent skills, Markus work has been recognized in the encyclopaedia Successful People in Germany and Austria and in numerous articles and interviews in the international press, e.g. NBC, Yahoo and wallstreet online.

See below an example of Markus Color grading.

BVP Post Production
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Our Post production services include our in-house core team and also freelance specialists. We can undertake any assignment big or small from feature films to cleaning up an existing film or video project. We have excellent Animation services and a track record of successful assignments.we can break down our post-production services into the following categories.

Post Production Services:

    • Feature Films, TV Shows, Documentaries & Trailers: Each of these assignments will utilize our full range of editing specialists.

    • Commercial Advertising: TV, Web, Mobile Phone, Apps; Including vertical-adverts for smart phones.

    • Music Videos: We are cost effective with world class quality & lots of creativity.

    • Corporate Videos: From promotional videos to viral-campaigns, product videos, events and seminars to crowd-funding videos.

    • Educational Videos: Including online-learning courses, corporate how-to videos, internal training, just-in-time training and more.

    • Animated Videos: We provide a full range of Motion-design, 2D & 3D animation capabilities.

    • Folly Audio: Need sound design for your new game. We have a complete Folly library of sound effects and professional Voice-over Artists.

    • Voice Over Artists: For any professional presentation or film. Both presenters and actors in multiple languages.

    • Localization Services: Foreign language dubbing & foreign language sub-titles. More than 65 languages

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