Sound Design

The use of sound to evoke emotion, reflect mood and underscore actions in plays and dances began in prehistoric times. At its earliest, it was used in religious practices for healing or just for fun. In ancient Japan, theatrical events called kagura were performed in Shinto shrines with music and dance.

Plays were performed in medieval times in a form of theatre called Commedia dell'arte, which used music and sound effects to enhance performances. The use of music and sound in the Elizabethan Theatre followed, in which music and sound effects were produced off stage using devices such as bells, whistles, and horns. Cues would be written in the script for music and sound effects to be played at the appropriate time.

Sound design starts in pre-production, however we are often engaged only during the post-production process. The time and cost of Sound design starts with the work that has been put into place during pre-production and production. Also the preparation of the digital media for post-production sound design.

Thereafter the type of work required, the complexity and depth of production all depends upon the Directors requirement and this can take anywhere from one week for a 90 minute documentary with a tight budget, up to 1 month or even more.

At Bangkok Video Productions

We take Sound design seriously

We can produce indie style or full-on in-depth sound design for our clients.

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