Indonesia Affiliate Office

Our BVP Indonesia Affiliate office in Bali
We are a team of passionate filmmakers and visual storytellers.We are based in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia, since 2019.We provide a large range of Video production Services. Our production house is committed to producing the best, high-quality visual content. Photo and video shooting, cinematography, underwater/aerial drone shooting – our expertise spans both corporate videography as well as creative films & documentaries.

What we do?
We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, brands, and non-profit organizations achieve their goals with video. We also produce music videos and short films with musicians.

How we work?
We create stories that are engaging and meaningful to your target audience. On Pre-production, we work closely with our clients to develop their concept and script. BMM has worked with Indonesian and international brands to establish their visual identities.

Our team is experienced in both interview-style and creative shoot. As a result, our production house offers a large range of videography services.

Our Lead Videographer/Director of Photography is an expert in both Cinematography and storytelling. He has a passion for film culture, visual art—and collaborating with clients! His enthusiasm for film and art makes him the perfect choice if you want your project filmed with flair!

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