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Film & Video Production

We undertake all types of projects, Feature films, TV shows & TV features, TV documentaries, Music Videos, all corporate work, events and conferences and short films. We aim to the best at what we do. 

The majority of our international clients are from the corporate video and commercial film industries. We create film and video content that is world-class at a lower cost than they could otherwise achieve in their own countries. We also undertake, with vigor, small projects so don't hesitate to contact us.

We can reduce production costs by up to 60%. However we don't aim to be the cheapest. Our objective is to become a valuable, quality production partner that can deliver assignments on-time, in-budget and to exceptional standards for our clients.

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Post Production
News Reporting
Film Equipment Hire
Corporate Video Production
Music Videos
Aerial Filming
Events & Seminars

Assignments by Type
Aerial Filming
Feature Films
Event Filming
360 Degree Filming
Green-Screen Filming
Explainer Animated Videos
Food Photography & Filming
LCD Glass Retail Advertising
Satellite Broadcasting Services
Documentaries, TV Shows & Series
Corporate / Product & Service Advertising

Assignments By Industry
Heavy Industry
Transport Industry
Technology Industry
Health Care Industry
NGO's, UN & Charities
Sports & Leisure Industry
Fashion Clothing Industry
Travel & Hospitality Industry
Music Videos & Live Performances
Property Development & Real Estate

Film & Video Production Services

Production Management
Set Administration & Accounting
Location Management
Obtaining Film permits, Visa's and work permits for foreign film crew

Specialist Film Crew
Specialist Filming - Food
Crew Profiles
Animals & Animal Wranglers
Film Crew Rates

Wardrobe /Stylist including: Wardrobe, Fancy Dress Hire shops - direct links

Makeup & Special Effects Makeup
Glamour Makeup - Isha
Glamour Makeup - Bank
SFX Makeup - Bank
Prosthetic Makeup, Creature Effects and Animatronics  

Catering & Craft Services
Craft Services
Catering Services
Bangkok Halal Restaurant Guide

Flying Rigs
Camera Rigging - Boats & Aircraft

Stunts & Special Effects
Stunts & Pyrotechnics

Weapons Master

Medics & Emergency Services
On-Set Medic / Ambulance Services

Film Crew Accommodation
Transport Logistics

Aerial Filming & Underwater Filming
Aerial Filming & Photography
Underwater Filming & Photography

Set Design & Props
Set Design
Prop Rental Store
Pool & Poolside Props
Musical Instruments
Sugar-Glass Props
Fake Money
Candle Stick Holders
Classical Furniture

Base Camp Vehicles
Crew Vans, Cars, Buses & Scooters | Grip Trucks
Motorhomes & Star-Trailers
Makeup Trucks
Wardrobe Trucks
Office Trucks
Generator Trucks
Honey Wagons

Camera Filming Vehicles
Camera Boat with Crane
Porsche SUV with Scorpio Arm
4 Wheel Filming Pickup
6 Wheel Filming Truck
Flat deck Car Trailer with filming truck
Truck with Ground Level Car trailer
Motorbike Trailer
Motorbike Fork-Mount
A-Frame Car Trailer
Y-Frame Car Mount
Quad Camera Bike

Prop Vehicles
Helicopter Hire
Propeller Plane & Jet Plane Hire
Sports, Luxury Cars, Supercars, SUV's & Vans
Vintage / Classic Car Hire
Classic Bikes, Big Bikes, Vespa Motorcycles
ATV Vehicle Hire
Military Style Vehicles

Vintage Cars
Boat & Yacht Hire
Phuket Recommended Boat for Filming (Direct link)
Phuket Luxury Car Rental (Direct Link)

Eastern Seaboard
Boat & Yacht Hire
Bangkok & Eastern Seaboard Furniture Rentals (Direct Link)

Specialist Services
Vertical Filming Format
Domain Name Protection from Cyber-squatters.

Netflix film production services Bangkok Thailand


Film Crew Rates & fees
Film Crew Rates

The Cost of creating a Video
Video Production costs explained

Updated: December 2023