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Robin Schulz - Music Video
German DJ & Music Producer with more than 2 Billion Views Across All Social Media
BVP provided local film coordination services including, Film Permits, Locations, Casting, Crewing, Camera & Film Equipment, Catering, Logistics etc. 

Budgeting A Music Video

We are constantly asked to produce music videos with a brief sentence and asking us to give a budget. Unfortunately its not that simple. Here we will set out the questions you must answer in your brief.

These are all very important to consider. to film in Thailand we need to go through the steps of getting permissions first and foremost. You will need a Visa, that will be endorsed with a Work Permit for the duration of filming. You need a filming permit, especially when filming in public places and this takes time and money and if your filming in different locations, each location may need special permits from local Police, or national parks and so on. so this is one of the very first steps. 


What is the style of your music video? Is it a pop-video with a big cast, is it a solo act in a studio, is it a country & western filmed in a C&W style. Tell us what you want to achieve with this video. Do you want a wide-screen video?  Maybe also a vertical-video that fills your mobile phone screen, or also a square video for Instagram and other social media. These all need to be considered.


We need to  have to the lyrics, This will help us select everything from the Director, to camera and lights to locations. This is required to make the budget as the filming must follow the story. We are happy to sign an NDA.


How many main artists are performing in the video. Are they Male, female, adults teenager's or or children.


Do you want backing artists or dancers or extras in your video. If yes, give precise details for each person. Their position and description (for dancers and extras). There is a "casting process". There may be "rehearsals" that requiring hiring a Dance studio. They will need costumes and costume fittings and of course we will have a Casting Manager to manage everyone.


What type of locations do you want to film. A beach, maybe several locations, maybe in a studio. Locations can be expensive and moving between locations time consuming meaning even more expensive.


Do you have a preference for the type of camera? There are many types and prices. If you don't know, just say so, we will select the best camera for your budget and style.


Do you require special lighting? Will you film at night? or in the day? inside or outside? Let us know if you want to create some special lighting effects.


Are there any wardrobe requirements or will everyone bring their own wardrobe. If there are special requirements make a detailed brief.


Do you need a hair/makeup artist? Will you do your own? Will a friend do it for you?


Do you need any special effects? Fireworks? Blood and guts?


What music equipment will you bring? Will you really play them (and need electricity). Do you need extra crew to handle the music equipment or extra transport?


Do you need us to build or hire a stage or some set-design pieces?


Do you need any props? A car, motor-bike? furniture? let us know.


Will you play live? or will you mimic the music, in which case, will you need a play-back device? It can be a PA system style or just a CD/DVD/USB player style.


Have you arranged accommodation for your own team. If you film outside of Bangkok around Pattaya or Hauhin or in Ayutthaya it can be done in one day perhaps but if you go further North or South you will definitely need accommodation, not only for you but for your team, the film crew and any other extras or dancers.


Do you need any ethnic food or special diets. Remember you will have to pay for the food for the film crew and any extras you hire, so consider this.


Do you want us to provide post-production services? If so let us know what you want the finished product to look like.


Always try to send a sample video that is as close to your as possible or several videos, each demonstrating something that you want to achieve. Locations, style, etc. And don't forget to tell us what you like about these sample videos. Don't forget to send us a link.


The lowest cost film-only (not post-production) starts at about 50,000 THB day. That's a public location, no extras, just our Crew with camera & lights filming you (maybe on a beach) everything else costs extra and here are some resources to help you out.

No brief - no quote!

Rave Culture Live April 17th 2021
Production by Bangkok Video Productions
Filmed at BVP Film Studio 2 with Green-screen set-up
Cameras: 3x Sony a7s Cameras | Studio, Green-screens | Stage props | Lighting & Grip:
BVP Line Producer: Shayne L. van Vlerken | Cameraman: Jorge Lareau | Produced by: Rave Culture 

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