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Camel Clothing - Summer Collection
View Photos  of  Making the Camel Active Clothing Videos
Client: Big Banana Films, South Africa (Rick Matthews)

End Client: Camel Active Clothing

Camel Active Clothing 
Grunge Video
Cameras: Sony Fs7 x2, Zeiss Prime lenses Rig. 

Wrangler Jeans
Video Campaign Series: True Wanderer.
Wrangler Jeans | True Wanderer Series -More Videos here

Bata Northstar Shoes
Video Campaign Series
Client: Bata, Singapore

Bata Northstar Shoes
Vertical Mobile Phone Advertisement
(Before their were any vertical video platforms)

Gul Ahmed
Lawn Collection 2019
Darang Productions, India

Gul Ahmed
Swiss Voile 2019, India.
Darang Productions, India

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