Video Production Costs Explained

Video Production Costs Explained

The cost of creating a video has the following elements:

Filming Permits

Anything filmed in Thailand to be shown overseas requires a Thailand Film Office Film Permit. Also a Thailand Film Officer must be present while filming and  licensed Thailand International Film Coordinator.

The fee structure for this is as follows:


Studios - Filming in small studios start around 20,000.00 THB day. This allows for green-screen filming in a studio which you will include a set design. 

However the three video samples you sent me were filmed in houses. We have hundreds of villas and apartments on our books which are suitable for filming. Not all places are suitable. We need a particular minimum length of each room, a lot of suitable camera angles etc. So our selection of properties are filtered to be suitable for filming. Allow 25,000.00 - 80,000.00 THB day for this location depending on the quality and etc.

B-roll - This is outside shots to establish a location. For example the Samsung video showed the outside of a house. Filmed from the street. This is a cost.

Allow 10,000.00 THB for such a scene location cost.

Other locations can cost between 10,000.00 THb to 100,000.00 THB per location so this is an important issue. Filming in Chinatown - allow 50,000.00 THB or more. Filming on the train a similar price. Filming in the city from 20,000.00 thb up.. A temple. 10,000.00 thb up. Every location has a cost.

Camera Type.

Cinematic: All top TV commercials use either RED or ARRI cinematic cameras. (these are also the cameras used for Hollywood feature movies) See here their costs:

When filming at this level, you don't just get to rent the camera, the camera comes with a camera-team (Crew) and with a truck - so it can cost between 50,000.00 THB up to 150,000.00 THB day depending upon what you add to the camera, like expensive lenses, or camera rigs etc which can cost more than the camera. This film we shot using this type of camera: 

Film: If you don't have a budget of 1M THB or more then you move down to the next type of camera this level includes SONY FS7, or CANON C300 - these are amazing cameras that can film 4K. 

This is a popular choice of camera because it can be dry-hired (without a 5 man crew and transport etc). So here you reduce your cost to 25,000.00 THB day to 50,000.00 THB day depending upon lenses and other items.

Video: This is also often used for commercials but these are HDSLR cameras (like photo camera but designed for film. They film in 4 K can can create great shots but its not cinematic. We just filmed this last week using this style of camera. Allow 15,000.00 to 25,000.00 THB day for this type of camera:

Lighting: When filming indoors you must control the light.  Notice in the Tesco video that all the windows were diffused and covered by curtains. This is because added to the glass are diffusion filters on the outside taped to the glass to control exterior light.

Allow 30,000.00 THB day for lighting and generator/gas etc.

Sound: This means boom mics and sound crew when people speak. Allow 25,000.00 THB day for this.

Casting: We have our own talent agency so we have 800 candidates to support your assignment.

15,000.00 THB per person for non speaking main role.

25,000.00 THB for speaking role

5,000-10,000.00 THB for background extras

8,000.00 THB day for casting manager.

Props: A hidden but sometimes expensive cost that only the director knows.

You have your house but her wants a particular chair or some item within the scene. This has to be rented, wrapped for transport and delivered, unpacked, put into place by a person taking care of this item, then re-wrapped, transported back to the shop. Allow 20-25% of the cost of buying the actual item.

Not the props in the Samsung video included a CAR. Now you don't just to get to pay normal rental price. this is a film. the care is about triple its normal daily rental cost. it has to be deliver to set and returned. Allow at least 10,000.00 THB day for a car.

Wardrobe: Each cast member must wear clothes and you have a choice. Let a wardrobe person by and take care of this or ask you cast to bring their own clothes and hope that they bring the right clothes. of course a top assignment will have a Wardrobe manager and she will buy clothes and accessories, right down to the watch (copy) for each cast. Allow the following costs. 8,000.00 THB day for the Wardrobe manager. They will need 2 days pre-production at least to talk to you and then make a list and buy the clothes. Then she will be on-set every day and you have to pay for the clothes. You can't rent them.

Makeup: Every top production has a makeup artist. usually a team of two for 10,000.00 THB-15,000.00 THB day. They will make sure your cast look perfect. But you can also tell your cast to do their own makeup. But you must hope they know what looks good on TV (so to speak).

Crewing / Directorship: Lets take this in two stages.


Do you want a famous Director? Do you want a story to be told. A Director comes with a team. A writer, An assistant Director, A storyboard Artist.

Allow 50,000.00 THB minimum per day and it can go way higher. Of course you don't have to have this team, but it will affect the quality. After all. every good TV commercial is telling a story.


From Line Producer who takes care of the money to Production Manager who takes care of the set to Director, Director of Photography and Cameraman and every other position. These all cost money.

Logistics: Again lets break this down.

Catering: Everyone needs food. Allow 75 THB per Thai person for lunch. Allow 150 THB per foreigner for lunch. 

Craft: This is water and snacks. Allow 100 THB per person per day.

Transport: Allow 3,500.00 THB for Bangkok City transport per 8 people. Allow 5,000.00 THB or more per day outside of Bangkok. Plus gas (allow 500 thb day, driver, allow 1,000 thb day)

Accommodation: Allow 1,000.00 THB per person per night out side of Bangkok. If in Bangkok. Not needed. You can economize with twin share.


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Video Production Costs Explained

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Video Production Costs Explained

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Video Production Costs Explained

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