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The Advertising Advantage

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The Advertising Advantage

BVP Film Services creates high quality content for our clients around the globe. Commercials and Viral-Videos are part of our Film Services. However to get the most out of your investment you have spent creating content you need to advertise and promote your content.

This is not an after-thought or something that you should consider only after you have created your content. This must be considered during the pre-production phase as how your commercial is formatted for viewing on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc must be integrated into the filming process.

The BVP Advertising Advantage is that we consider the life-cycle ROI on your commercial. We learn what your intentions are and we create a plan during pre-production so your commercial is designed (formatted) to your platforms and markets.

We are innovative in how we support our clients bringing new technologies to bear to support our clients objectives. For example our AI Voice Engine allowing for instant localization and our formatting of content and also our continues education in new platforms to service your markets.

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Updated February 2022