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Idea Generation

The first step to creating a great advertisement is to come up wit some great ideas and to share these with our client. So lets describe this process step by step.

Phase 1 This can be achieved within a couple of days.

    1. Client contacts us and tells us they would like to make an advertisement.

    2. We talk to the client via phone, chat, email and we learn as much as we can about his requirements.

    3. We then conduct research. We research all our clients web-assets such as websites, social media sites and so on. We want to understand what our client is offering.

    4. We then research the clients competition. We watch as many competitors advertisements as we can and we also study their web-assets.

    5. We then share our findings with the client and together with the client we finish the requirement specification. (Client Brief)

    6. We also discuss budget options at this time.

Phase 2 This generally takes about 1 week.

    1. We provide the client brief to our Creative Teams. Our Creative Teams are not employees. We have a wide range of freelance creatives and creative-houses that we work with. Most of our competition has a small in-house creative team. Our approach allows us a much wider response. instead of creating just 3 or 4 ideas and sending these to our client, we reach out to 4 or 5 creative teams who each come up with 3-4 ideas. We can match our creative team's strengths with our clients requirement.

    2. We provide the client with up to 15-20 "Synopsis" (Story ideas) for our client to choose from or select one with modifications.

Phase 3 This generally takes about 1 week.

  1. Scripts Creation - The full script, often a voice-over narration but it maybe actors speaking is created and client signs-off on the script.

  2. Storyboard Generation - We create a story-board for the Director and Production Team. The Storyboard shows each scene and contains notes on how each scene is filmed. This also allows the client to fully visualize the end product and the client signs of on the agreed storyboard.

  3. Upon Sign-off of the storyboard the process is handed over to the Production Team. The Head Creative however also works with the Production team to ensure continuity.

Storyboard Sample