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Video Formatting

All things are not equal. All adverts are not equal. Even when they are the same advert. This is something that we consider one of the most important issues and one that is often overlooked by many other companies. To have the most impact Advertising must be formatted to both the device its being play on and the platform being used.

Here is an example. 90% of viewers hold their phones vertically. If you advert is formatted as a "Landscape Format" then it will be viewed as a slim bar across the middle of the phone. Of course if the viewer rotates the phone they will view a full-screen image. Problem is, only 10% of viewers rotate their phones to view in fullscreen.

There are four main formats used by the major social media platforms. The right format is vitally important to boosting your advertisement ROI.

Formatting into the various formats must be considered during production, not during editing. Composition of the video may need several different shot-set-ups for the same scene to show the actors and environment to create the best effect. This is seldom done. However this is something we consider during pre-production for every client.