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Video Marketing

Our focus is on marketing your videos online. perhaps we made your video, or you already have videos ready. We market them for you to the audience that you want to see them, gaining for you the best possible result.

Our areas of focus are:

Creating Video Advertising Campaigns

  1. Create an "Advertising Style Guide".for brand consistency

  2. Think "Outside the box"

  3. Use a video for your cover - not a static image

  4. Create compelling video "titles"

  5. "Sweating" video content to maximize content mileage

  6. Save costs by creating reusable video "elements"

  7. Ensure the video is the right size for maximin exposure on Facebook posts

  8. Ensure your videos are the right length to get seen

  9. Ensure your video is "Mobile Optimized"

  10. Your video should stand-alone, complete without sound

  11. Sound should be of the highest quality

  12. Create "Intentional" viewing strategies.

  13. Grab the viewers attention within the first 3 seconds

  14. Grab attention every 8 seconds afterwards

  15. Every video should "give" something to your audience

  16. Ensure you include a "Call to action"

  17. Optimize your videos geographically with native content

  18. SEO your video using every available means

  19. Make sure your video has a great thumbnail

  20. Use "Captions"

We create campaigns that give you results. Most importantly we have the tools to track our results (KPI - Key Performance Indicators) and this is shared with you.

Marketing your Videos

  1. Always create a campaign consisting of several videos

  2. Your video campaign should be designed annually in advance

  3. Your video campaign should be evaluated every 3 months

  4. You can change strategies during your campaign based upon results

  5. You should have definitive KPI (Key performance indicators) for every campaign.

  6. Retarget your intentional audience again and again

  7. Use the Correct ad-objective

What do we do.

  • We learn about you, your company, your products and services, your marketing objectives

  • We work with you to create a unique, enticing, fully integrated annual campaign

  • We ensure you have daily access to KPI (Key Performance Indicators) so you can monitor your campaign in real time

  • You have an "Appointed BVP Advertising Specialist" But you also meet our CEO and you have direct communication with him, any time you want.

  • We evaluate your campaign on a weekly basis and can make minor changes anytime and major changes (including content) every 3 months.

    • We ensure your objectives are met.

We also integrate your campaign into our Social Media Network including LINE, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook.