LCD Glass Retail Advertising

LED Fridge Doors with animated video content.
A Transparent LCD installed as a Fridge door - a new way of product presentation where the product can be seen through colored through colored high resolution video. 

Your target audience can look right through the transparent display door, able to see what is being displayed inside the fridge at the product itself, and the animated message on the display.These combinations have more impact than a 3D display, once the material and the virtual are working together. 

A moving billboard the right mix of the latest in technology and robust design solution have become even more remarkable and have now successfully deployed on a commercial scale, as today's most innovative and effective interactive advertising platform. 

Transparent Refrigerator door is designed for indoor use at Convenience and Grocery stores. This “high- performance” Digital TLCD

Display replaces the conventional door glass with a transparent display assembly that allows for normal viewing through the glass, but with the ability to run video content in a “see through” manner. 

Display System is comprised of three major components: 

     1. The transparent LCD; 

     2. A direct replacement LED lighting system, including required power supplies, mounted on the rear of the cooler door frame    

         which provides sufficient front illumination of the merchandise displayed in the cooler to make it highly visible thru the TLCD. 

     3. The Server.

This double hollow glass door with TLCD is three piece of glass double hollow structure. 

 • The 1st and 3rd pieces glass are clear tempered glass with black silk screen. 

 • The middle glass is Low E glass with electric heating. 

 • By adjusting the heating power , we can ensure that the hollow glass door is not dewing at -25 degree . 

 • Clear float tempered glass with black printing + Aluminium strip (2 sets ) + TLCD 

 • Low-E tempered glass with electric heating + Aluminium strip (2 sets ) Clear float tempered glass with black printing The Glass      

   Door Frame are the sand surface oxidation of aluminium alloy frame , Top and bottom gate shaft is stainless steel material , date    

   cables and electric hearing wires from door to door shaft . LCD Technology: 

 • 47” IPS TLCD – Sunlight readable 

 • Portrait Orientation 

 • 1920 vertical x 1080 horizontal Nominal Resolution 

 • Runs standard video content – same as a standard LCD Display 

 • Transparent design – clear for viewing of beverages behind the TLCD Glass 

 • TLCD is protected front and back with bonded clear glass overlays 

 • To replace standard glass in front door assembly 

 • Includes front door assembly LED Edge Lighting 

 • (2) LED Edge Light assemblies –attached inside the LCD glass on the left and right edges 

 • Provides sufficient backlight for LCD viewing when cooler door is closed 

 • Allows for automatic / immediate dimming of LED lighting when cooler door is opened Player / Connectivity 

 • OS • CPU • GPU • Memory & Flash • Video out • Wi-Fi • Ethernet 

 • Keyboard/Mouse Android 4.2 - All winner Cortex A9 quad-core 1.6G - Mali400MP (quad-core) - Memory: 2GB DDR3 & ROM:  

   Internal 4G Nand Flash - 1G DDR3 - HDMI, CVBS/YPbPr,VGA - Embedded - 10/100M - Support.