Thailand Film Dubbing -Originals Credit Translations

We follow what we consider to be the world leader in cutting-edge film production techniques. Netflix. This is because Netflix techniques were designed from the ground up as a digital-technology without any of the legacy that traditional film technology and production houses grew up with. A completely fresh & fully digital approach with a full understanding of current technology provides what we consider the pinnacle of global dubbing processes.

Originals Credit Translations

This document serves exclusively as a translation reference. For formatting of on-screen text in timed text assets (e.g. use of quotes, parenthesis, hyphens), please refer to the Timed Text Style Guide for your language.

Change Log:


• "Only on Netflix" updated for Polish

• Added translation for "In Association With Netflix"

• Updated translation for "Produced in Association With Netflix" for Korean and Traditional Chinese


• Credits glossary updated to version 3.7

• Added translations for "A Netflix Original Comedy Event"

• Added translations for "A Netflix Original Story"

• Added translations for "A Netflix Original Film"


• Credits glossary updated to version 3.6

• Updated the Euro Portuguese translation of "A NETFLIX MYSTERY MOVIE" to "UM FILME DE MISTÉRIO NETFLIX" to align with Brazil


• Updated Swedish translation of "A NETFLIX ORIGINAL COMEDY SPECIAL"


• Updated translation of "Netflix Original" for Greek (keep same as English) 

• Corrected RTL alignment for Hebrew credits 

• Updated translation of "Netflix Original" and "A Netflix Original" for Romanian


• Added translations for "A Netflix Original Documentary"

• Updated Japanese translations for "A Netflix Original Series" and "A Netflix Original Film"

• Updated German translation for "A Netflix Original Film"

• Added missing Vietnamese translations