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Filming in Historical Parks

How to get a permit to film in Historical Parks

Once the application for filming in Thailand is approved by the Thailand Film Office. The Thailand Film Office will provide an official cooperation letter to the Fine Arts Department in order to get a specific permit to film in Historical Parks. The process time depends on the submission of the application form. If your application is submitted to the One-Stop Service, the permit will be approved within 3 days. Applications which are not submitted to the One-Stop Service must be submitted at least 5 days before the shoot.

Documents Required

    1. A copy of ID card and a copy of household registration of the local coordinator

    2. A Thai translation of the final script

    3. Details of background intended to be shot and actors’ costumes (for filming at historical sites)

    4. Total number of actors and film crews, both Thai and foreign (for filming at historical sites)

    5. Letter of Permission for filming issued by the Thailand Film Office

Filming Fee

For documentaries, commercials, and TV programs, the location fee is 5,000 - 10,000 Baht per day/place. There is no service charge or cash guarantee (bond) required.
For feature films, TV dramas, the location fee is 10,000 Baht per day/place together with a cash guarantee or bank guarantee of 2,000,000 per subject.
Foreigners must also pay a park-entry fee of 300-500 THB each / Thai Crew will pay a park entry fee of 200 THB each (Yes. There is double pricing standards in Thailand)

Method of payment

The foreign producer or coordinator should pay location fee at the Historical Park to be used for filming.
For more information, please contact Office of the Archaeology, Tel: 66 2282 3768 ext 323