Thailand Film dubbing-Dubbed Audio Style Guide - Lector Dubbing

We follow what we consider to be the world leader in cutting-edge film production techniques. Netflix. This is because Netflix techniques were designed from the ground up as a digital-technology without any of the legacy that traditional film technology and production houses grew up with. A completely fresh & fully digital approach with a full understanding of current technology provides what we consider the pinnacle of global dubbing processes.

Dubbed Audio Style Guide - Lector Dubbing


This document contains a list of required practices when creating dubbed audio in lector style for Netflix content. Consult your Netflix representative for any specification not covered in this document.

For musicals/ music-themed shows and/or multilingual shows, please refer to the "Special Cases" (Section 3).


1. Translation Requirements

1.1 Main Dialogue

1.2 Character Names

1.3 On-screen Text Treatment

1.4 Foreign Languages

1.5 Songs

1.6 Censorship

1.6 Consistency

1.7 Pre-recording Script Approval


2. Recording

2.1 Sync

2.2 Pronunciation


3. Special Cases

3.1 Musicals/ Music-themed Shows

3.2 Bilingual/ Multilingual Shows


4. Technical Aspects

For information on audio mix and delivery formats, please reference the Netflix Originals Delivery Specifications

Change Log:


Revised section 1.3 On-screen Text Treatment – 2nd bullet point added, 3rd, 5th and 8th bullet points revised

Revised section 4 Technical Aspects - added all bullet points