Helicopter Camera Mounts

Our main service is VIP Chartered Flights with country-wide network in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai. Whether it's business, holiday or simply casual ride, Advance Aviation offers a specially tailored arrangement in our sumptuous decorated air-conditioned helicopter that best suits your desire. Picking you up from over 20 roof-top helipads in the heart of Bangkok and dropping you off or waiting to take you back from over 100 landing sites in Thailand. Just let us know what you need, we will propose an efficient itinerary, suggest appropriate pick up/drop off points, along with quotation.

Should your destination does not have any helipad nearby, it is possible for us to arrange a temporary landing permit at a minimal fee provided that we are able to submit the request to the relevant authority 3 days in advance. Final approval is completely up to the authority.

So, whether the mission is business - visiting your factory in industrial area, survey your site, do aerial photography, participating in event organizing such as product launch; or pleasure - sightseeing, special occasion such as wedding proposal. We can help you.


We have long been the largest helicopter operator operating helicopters for Film Shooting, covering globally renowned movies - including Hollywood and Bollywood films, famous reality shows, award winning documentaries, and several international brand advertising shots, . While we operate our high performance helicopters with our experienced pilots with good command of English to meet all sorts of requirement of demanding shooting profile, we still strictly adhered to very strict and high level of safety.

A brief information regarding The "STC" or Supplemental Type Certificate. It is required INTERNATIONALLY when a foreign object is installed or mounted onto the aircraft, in order to comply with insurance policy and The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT). Sum insured by each helicopter varies between 12.5 and 140 million USD. Specially tailored insurance arrangement, such as additional name insured, can be arranged upon request. Local Rig provided through Bangkok Video Productions whose equipment are approved to be installed for our aircraft are listed below.


1. GHC: the model "LSG - 2", which is Aerial Exposure Gyro Stabilize Mount. STC available both for EC 135 P2+ and EC 130 T2

Gyro Stabilize Mount can be fitted to both EC-135 and EC-130 (all Bases)

2. BRC: camera rigging device by Baan Rig for EC-135 P2+ and Side Mount device for EC-135 P2+ and EC-130 T2

Rigging Device for Bangkok Based EC-135

Rigging Device for Bangkok Based EC-135

2. WRC: This device is certified with STC worldwide. Wescam can be rented through Bangkok Video Productions

Wescam rigged with AA Bangkok Based EC-135

On a separate note, we are also welcome any equipment specified by producers as long as it hold valid STC for EC-135 P2+ or EC-130 T2. Your equipment will be installed to our helicopter by Airbus Helicopters engineers to ensure its utmost compatibility with our helicopter as well as providing highest performance.

Flying a single engine aircraft for filming mission

Due to maneuverability of aircraft required in filming mission such as a slower speed as well as flying as low as possible to stay close to the shooting scene, the twin engine aircraft would suite better in terms of safety standard.   Far stricter flight profile (the helicopter needs to maintain faster speed and higher altitude) is required for EC-130 T2 as it has only one engine.  EC-135 P2+ is a twin turbine, which means, in extremely unexpected circumstance, should one engine fails to produce sufficient torque or quit, the pilot can fly it out of the shooting scene and return to base safely, while EC-130 T2 has to glide and land almost immediately.