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Crews bringing in equipment for filming and goods under the auspices of the A.T.A. Carnet agreement for filming purpose or as sample before being re-exported are required to go through the Red Channel for customs clearance at the Passenger Control Division, Suvarnabhumi International Airport Customs Bureau, or at any other port of call designated by Regional Customs Bureau.

On the departure date, crews must present the A.T.A. Carnet documents, equipment for film production and goods for official inspection otherwise they won’t be able to be re-exported and customs duties and taxes will be levied.

ATA CARNET Form consists of 4 parts: 

Restricted goods

Restricted goods are goods restricted by laws to be exported or imported and therefore require a permit from related government agencies.


The following items require a permit from the government agency in order to lodge the Customs formalities:


For further information on customs matters, please contact Customs Department at 66 2 134 1252 or any customs officers at the port of call.

Note: At present, Thailand is a member of the Istanbul B1 Convention, which allows certain types of disposable goods to be imported without tax on a condition that the amount must be restricted. For more information, please contact the Thai Board of Trade or our chamber of commerce in your country.