Airborne Sensor Operator

Airborne Sensor Operator

An airborne sensor operator (aerial sensor operator, ASO, Aerial Remote Sensing Data Acquisition Specialist, Aerial Payload Operator, Tactical Flight Officer, Tactical Coordinator etc.) is the functional profession of gathering information from an airborne platform (Manned or Unmanned) and/or oversee mission management systems for academic, commercial, public safety or military remote sensing purposes. The airborne sensor operator is considered a principal flight crew or aircrew member.

Responsibilities & duties

The primary responsibilities of an airborne sensor operator are to ensure the safe operation of the aircraft, effectively operate assigned remote sensing systems and support the processing, exploitation and dissemination of collected information.

Some of the general duties of an airborne sensor operator are:

  • Flight and sensor planning,

    • Sensor installation, testing & maintenance

    • Flight & crew management

    • Collection management

    • Sensor operations

    • Quality control (QC) of acquired data

    • Processing, exploitation and dissemination of acquired data


An airborne sensor operator should have the required knowledge or training to effectively operate in the flight environment, operate sensors and provide a usable product to the end user. The following knowledge areas define the baseline of a proficient airborne sensor operator:

    • Theory of flight and aeronautics

    • Meteorology

    • Manned & unmanned aircraft systems & capabilities

    • Aerial navigation

    • Radio & communication operations

    • Flight & airfield operations and procedures

    • Crew resource management (CRM) and human factors (HF)

    • Electro-magnetic spectrum

    • Passive sensor systems & capabilities

    • Active sensor systems & capabilities

    • Sensor operations and maintenance

    • Mission planning & mission management

    • Processing, exploitation and dissemination systems & capabilities

Meet our Airborne Sensor Operator

Licensed UAV Pilot

Thomas Aslanian. BA(Hons)

Ind.Prod. Design Eng.

Although Thomas's career has been mostly underwater his qualifications easily converts to aerial operations to which he has been involved with for some time.


CSWIP 3.4U Inspection Coordinator.

Project engineer.

Saturation Diver.

CSR (Offshore client representative).

CAA approved commercial drone pilot(P&EUAS7332)

CSR status:

Cert No; KBAT-CWRST-059(KB associates S,pore)

DP Awareness: cert. No. 524419641

Diver/Construction &Inspection Experience

I have considerable construction experience in all areas of the offshore industry both as a diver and project engineer/Insp. Coordinator, spanning a multitude of sub-sea facilities, and


My project engineer experience allowed me to Appreciate all aspects of offshore projects. Whilst my degree in Design engineering contributed greatly to my being able to work from minimal briefs, taking projects through to the end product, whilst evaluating, problem solving and adjusting to what can some times be very ‘flexible’ situations in the offshore industry.

My abilities in the role of Inspection Coordinator were greatly enhanced/reinforced by my previous offshore experience as an inspection/construction diver

Inspection Status

    • 3.4U Inspection Co-ordinator – Held since 1995

    • (Cert,No. No.101136)Exp.30/08/2020

    • .

    • 3.2U(Diving) –First attained in 1986

    • COABIS DATA recorder course 17/06/02.

    • Cert No. 374


    • (04/12/07) cert No 374

I am conversant in the use of the recording systems listed below, through various work experiences, and courses taken(see work/experience summary);

      • COABIS.



    • NET MC.

    • SIMS( Fugro) Cont,

    • COILS(Shell).

    • STARFIX(Fugro)

    • Digital edge.

    • Various FMD systems

    • Dataverse

Inspection techniques used or familiar with, as an inspector/Coordinator/Project engineer/diver

      • MPI. Predominantly ASAMS 03 OIS MPI systems.

    • CP systems & set up( hand held & ROV mounted).

    • Digital WT(UT) systems(hand-held & A scan)

    • Also including ROV deployed UT systems, such as SONOMATIC.

    • FMD surveys- Diver & ROV deployed

    • ACFM. Diver deployed

    • CVI/DVI/GVI inspections of steel & concrete structures. Including weld inspection.

    • Numerous IRM techniques.

    • Photography( Diver & ROV deployed, & including photo mosaic techniques).

    • SEABED/PIPELINE Survey & profiling techniques.

    • DEBRIS location and identification surveys.

INSPECTION/CONSTRUCTION work-scope preparation & Final Report compilation

      • QA/QC & editing of recorded data & reports.

    • Numerous ad hoc inspection techniques. Normally dictated by client requirements and prevailing conditions

Diver Status

    • H.S.E. Part II (mixed gas diver-SAT)

Computer Qualifications

        • E.C.D.L. level 1(Excel, PowerPoint & word)

    • Clait Plus. Level1

    • NVQ Information Technology Level 2

Courses Taken

      • C.A.D. level 1 @ L,pool Comm. Coll

Current Certifications

        • Offshore Survival. Expiry date; 02/03/2022) Cert.No. 001050850250418010(BFC) Includes HUET & EBS,

    • Norwegian upgrade. OPITO approved. Medical Exp. Date. 03/04/20(UKOG PIN-2005/909) Norwegian medical exp. date. 03/04/20

    • CA-EBS No. 0285902131014520237(13-Oct 2014)

    • DP Introduction/Awareness(Cert DPF/15/129)

    • Shoulder Measurement.(30/05/15). Non-XBR

Offshore Experience:-Inspection Coordinator / Data compiler. Proj. Eng. Experience (construction):

I have been utilized to compile inspection program for Lamprells(Middle E), MUS(Dubai) Technip( Aberdeen), ISS( Aberdeen), Fugro(Perth), Talisman(Malaysia).

I have been used as an Inspection coordinator/Data compiler/Reports writer by;

    • SUBSEA 7, ISS (Aberdeen), AME(Kuala Lumpor) Oceaneering/SMIT. Europe.,

    • IONIK/WGIM(Perth. Aus.). TAMBORITHA(Australia)


    • HYDROSPACE (Dubai). NPCC(Middle E).


    • INTEGRA(Perth). BIBBY Offshore(Aberdeen).

    • FUGRO(Perth, Australia.& Trinidad). Harkand/ISS(Aberdeen). ANDREWS Survey UK.


I was utilized as a construction eng/Insp, Co-ord by Lamprells, MUS Dubai, AME( Malaysia) and also used solely as a project engineer by Technip(UK) in their IRM Dept.

I started working offshore as a construction diver 34 years ago, in 1984, and obtained my first inspection qualification, a 3.1U in 1985. I then obtained my 3.2U in 1986.

Whilst working as an inspection/construction diver I obtained my 3.4U inspection coordinators qualification in 1995. I also obtained my saturation diving qualification in the same year. I started to become more involved in topside inspection coordinating, and project engineering in 1996 whilst continuing diving. I last dived in 2004.

As a consequence I was employed as a PROJECT ENGINEER and spent 8 months working for Technip offshore in Aberdeen in their IRM dept. Which included all aspects of Construction/isolation/intervention and repair disciplines. Clients included Talisman and Shell.

In my 22 years as a 3.2U inspection/construction diver & 23 years holding my 3.4U certification, I gained invaluable knowledge and experience of the geometry, layout , configuration & construction/installation techniques & functioning of most sub-sea structures and installations.

Including Jackets, manifolds, wellheads, pipelines to name just a few.

My experience as a commercial diver(SAT & AIR), gave me a distinct advantage in my career as an inspection coordinator and project engineer. Insomuch that it has given me an insight into the techniques/problems/limitations & parameters of numerous sub-sea inspection & construction activities.

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