Sample of BVP supported documentaries.

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Beasts of Burden

Award Winning Documentary

Winner - Irish International Film Festival 2018

Finalist - Capital Filmmakers Festival Madrid 2018

Official Selection - Docs Without Borders Film Festival 2018

Official Selection Liftoff Global Network Film Festival, Amsterdam 2018

We love supporting clients making documentaries. This is perhaps the favorite type of work for our core team. Pricing a documentary is like asking the price of a car without giving any further information.

Here are some guidelines to help you prior to contacting us for a customized quote:

1. Film Permits

If you have a foreign film crew you will need a film permit. This can be a major cost depending upon locations and requirements.Read more about film permits, visas, location fees, film Coordinator and film board Monitor fees here.

2. Film Coordinator

Pre-production: This is the first person you need when filming a documentary in Thailand. The Film Coordinator is one of your greatest assets to creating amazing film footage in Thailand and will help you through pre-production and production phases. From finding locations and matching your interview requirements with local Interviewee's both government and private industry. Of course the film coordinator will take care of all film permits and paperwork.

Production: From translations to guide to film equipment rental at the best prices, A knowledgeable Film Coordinator is invaluable.

Film Coordinator daily rate.


Of course prices can be much more but these provide some basic rates for you to start with.

Equipment Hire: Dry hire (No Crew) here.   Wet Hire here (With film Crew).