Bangkok Thailand explainer animated video production

Explainer Animated Videos

Struggling to Effectively Articulate Your Unique Offering?
Demystify Your Offering, Tell Your Brands Story and Persuade Your Audience Using A New Animated Video That’s Scientifically Proven to Work

Bangkok Thailand explainer animated video production

If you’ve made it this far it means you care about your sales, and you already know how much of a positive impact video can have.

Firstly, you could go to any number of video companies in the market. Some offer high quality at equally ridiculous high prices ($10,000 - $20,000 usd. The same goes for low quality, generic template-style productions at stupidly low prices, which are usually produced out of India or Pakistan ($200 - $500 usd) and as such, the old saying “You get what you pay for” has never been truer than in the video industry.

The Secret To Great Videos

The biggest mistake video agencies make (and one that can render your investment useless) is spending too much time on visuals and not enough time on crafting the perfect sales message. In my opinion the video script is arguably the most important component of your video - get it wrong and your video will fall flat on its face, leaving you out of pocket and incredibly frustrated. Get it right, you’ll have prospects scrambling to do business with you.

How Do We Know?

Because we’ve seen it countless times before; a company approaches us having had a video produced elsewhere. Sometimes they might look great but it means nothing if the message totally misses the mark. We take pride in the fact we spend a lot of time getting your sales or marketing message just right, before we even consider moving to the Animation phase. We require intimate knowledge of your offering and target audience. That’s why our team includes a specialist scriptwriter with a strong advertising background. When you combine her skills with our visual capabilities, you’ll have the power to convert like crazy!

But This Isn’t Even About The Video! 

That's a weird thing to say for somebody offering an Animated Video service but bear with me. You need a way to get more paying customers. You want the business to grow. Heck, you want to make more money. Video just happens to be one of the most effective ways to get that.

Imagine This:

Your ideal customer - somebody who's proactively looking for your product - has just landed on your website, credit card next to them. How likely are they to become a client? 1%? 2%? Maybe 5% if you're lucky? There’s a good chance they don’t even understand your offering. What if you could dramatically increase that number - adding cold, hard cash to your bottom line as a result... Wouldn't you be interested? That is exactly what we'll do for you. Unless you like wasting money, you need Pitch Hero. Because when you work with us you leverage our experience – which gets you a compelling sales message and an exciting video (minus the headache and huge price tag)!

How Can You Be Sure We’re Right For You?

Pitch Hero’s team background in marketing, sales and script-writing ensures your video hits the spot with your viewer each time, all the time. It’s no coincidence that when done RIGHT, video works. A study found that 59% of executives agreed that if both text and video are available on the SAME topic on the SAME website or social media page, they would watch the video.

What About the ROI of Video?

If you could increase sales by just 15% using video, how much would that be worth to you per year? What about a 25% increase? Or 35%? Keep those numbers in mind... They're extremely conservative because I'm assuming your current conversion rate is reasonable already. In reality, it's not uncommon to double sales or inquiries just by adding a well-crafted video. Note ‘well crafted’; any old video will not work. The decision is yours: you can either continue shopping around for a reliable Video Production house and risk wasting your budget on a generalist agency that just isn’t up to the task, or you can work with us. We’ll take care of the full life-cycle of your video production, while you sit back and think about how you’ll spend or reinvest the increased revenue you’ll see from video. 2017 is already well underway - don’t look back wishing you’d done something sooner. You've got nothing to lose - it will cost you nothing and could add thousands of dollars to your revenue this year! All you need to do to get started, is click the email link at the bottom of this page to book a FREE no obligation consultation. See you on the other side.

Updated: March 2022