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Asian Film Finance - Government Organizations

Asian national and regional government organizations that offer locations support and/or monetary incentives to international co-productions or foreign films shooting in each territory


China Film Co-production Corp

No incentives but offers a range of services to facilitate Sino-foreign co-productions including sourcing local partners and dealing with permits.



Hong Kong Film Development Council

Oversees the $38m Film Development Fund, which is theoretically open to international co-productions with Hong Kong partners.


Hong Kong Film Services Office (TELA)

Does not offer monetary incentives as there is no sales or services tax in Hong Kong, but helps to arrange shooting permits and answer film-makers' requests.



Agency for Cultural Affairs (Bunka-Cho)

Offers subsidies for eligible international co-productions capped at one third of total production costs.



Korean Film Council (KOFIC)

Offers various subsides and funds that are available for eligible co-productions.


Busan Film Commission

Offers comprehensive location services with funds for cleaning up after shoots (up to $10,000). Also planning to create incentives for location/studio post-production work done in Busan.


Gyeonggi Film Commission

Provides up to $100,000 for two films each year that shoot 25% or more of footage in Gyeonggi Province and plan to spend more than $200,000 in the province.


Gyeonggi Digital Contents Agency

Launching a $100m contents fund to support films, animation and game projects with global appeal.

Contact: (82) 32 623 800;

(fax) (82) 32 623 8088

Incheon Film Commission

For foreign films and co-productions, refunds $50,000 if more than $100,000 is spent in Incheon, and $100,000 back on $200,000.

Contact: ; 

Seoul Film Commission

Refunds up to 25% of production costs spent in Seoul by foreign films and co-productions up to $100,000. Also provides flights and accommodation for two people for up to three days for location hunting.



Film Development Council of the Philippines

Offers comprehensive locations services and competitive crew and equipment rates.

Contact: (632) 632 9512; (632) 633 2204; (fax) (632) 634 6984; 


Media Development Authority (MDA)

Offers various subsidies and incentives open to international co-productions, including the Scheme for Co-investment in Exportable Content (SCREEN).


Singapore Tourism Board

Provides services in addition to the Film In Singapore! scheme.

Contact: Resheemah M Abdullah,


Government Information Office

Offers subsidies mainly for local films, but also has a rebate scheme for foreign -productions that use local cast, crew and services.


Taipei Film Commission

Integrated locations assistance for shooting in Taipei.

Contact: (886) 2 2528 9580;

(fax) (886) 2 2528 9585;


Thailand Film Office

Offers locations services and is examining the introduction of tax incentives.

Contact: (66) 2216 6907; (fax) (66) 2216 6659,;

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