Rotoscoping Services

The difference between good and great video – Our exceptionally talented rotoscoping artists delivers premium quality results first time, everytime.

Rotoscoping is an animation technique used by animation experts to trace over a motion picture footage, frame by frame, when realistic action is required. 

Rotoscoping services is widely used for visual effects in Hollywood movies, TV Series & TV Commercials. It is mainly done to have the realistic effect on a normally done action sequence. Nowadays, VFX have become so advanced that some motion pictures are solely made using Rotoscope techniques. Most of the music videos produced now a days also depends heavily on rotoscoping technique for music video to apply visual effects on them.

We are a team of Roto Artist who find VFX to be our passion. We work towards achieving a high-quality of imaging that visually satisfies our clients. Our expert team of Rotoscoping Artists and technology experts leave no work behind when it comes to fulfilling client’s criteria and giving them more than they’ve asked for.

Our Services

Please provide full details of your project and how we will work with you. For example:

1. Wire removal 

 Are the shots against chroma key? (Green/Blue screen)

How many shots are there in the edit? (Conform picture) 

2. Object removal

What kinds of objects must be removed?

Are the objects moving or static? 

3. Simple Fx - Blood and smoke

Does the shots have camera movement?

If yes. we have to track the shot first, technically with 3d camera tracking. then add the elements (blood, smoke etc)

4. Background replacement

Is the background in chroma key shot?

Does it have camera movement?

Does the client provide the replacement background or do we create it digitally such as matte painting?

If possible please provide sample images.

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