Thailand film dubbing services - Optionals track

We follow what we consider to be the world leader in cutting-edge film production techniques. Netflix. This is because Netflix techniques were designed from the ground up as a digital-technology without any of the legacy that traditional film technology and production houses grew up with. A completely fresh & fully digital approach with a full understanding of current technology provides what we consider the pinnacle of global dubbing processes.

Optionals Track

The Optional Track is where valuable, but language-specific material should be placed. For example:

  • Language-specific walla, crowd chants, cheers

  • Dialogue from TV show playing on-screen or from real-life/historical people

  • Language(s) being spoken that are foreign to that of original language of production

  • Vocals from a character singing on-screen

Track Configurations

Please include one discrete file per channel as listed below.

5.1 Near-Field Printmaster/ 6+2 Near-Field M&E

  • Ch 1: Left

  • Ch 2: Right

  • Ch 3: Center

  • Ch 4: LFE

  • Ch 5: Left Surround

  • Ch 6: Right Surround

Also include (for M&E):

  • Dialogue Guide

  • Optional Track (okay as mono or 5.1 and 2.0)

Lt/Rt Near-Field Printmaster/M&E

  • Ch 1: Left Total

  • Ch 2: Right Total