thailand film dubbing services -Voice testing specifications

We follow what we consider to be the world leader in cutting-edge film production techniques. Netflix. This is because Netflix techniques were designed from the ground up as a digital-technology without any of the legacy that traditional film technology and production houses grew up with. A completely fresh & fully digital approach with a full understanding of current technology provides what we consider the pinnacle of global dubbing processes.

Voice Testing Specifications

Netflix requires dubbing studios to use voice talent that has been established as the in-territory counterpart for any actor involved in the original production. If that voice talent is unavailable for any reason and timelines cannot be shifted to accommodate or if the original production actors do not have established talent, Netflix may wish to approve casting choices via voice samples or voice test kits.

Voice Samples

Please provide audio file samples, each containing a different actor’s performance, for each role being cast. It is preferred to include samples from talent who has voiced the original actor in the past (and a clip from that performance) and/or samples of a performance that resembles the one being cast.

These files should adhere to the following:

Line Voice Tests

For higher touch projects, Netflix will approve roles based on a test performance of the role for which the talent is being considered. Netflix will provide the studio with a clip from the original production and will request audio files containing the dubbing performances of the voice talent being considered. Netflix accepts .wav and muxed .mov files. Please contact the specialist to see what is preferred.

The files should adhere to the following: