Event Case Study | International Labour Organization

Event Name: Regional Conference on Women and the Future of Work in Asia and the Pacific

Event Organizer: International Labour Organization

Event Date: 31 January - 1 February 2018

Event  Location: Amari Watergate Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Event Type: Conference

Event Requirements: Audio/Video recording | Simulcast Live streaming to YouTube, Facebook & Website | Live Polling | Pre-programmed video-broadcasting between sessions

Success Rate of our Production: 100% successful. (Verifiable below) 

Contact(s): Ms Joni Simpson - simpson@ilo.org and Ms Aya Matsuura - matsuura@ilo.org, ILO Senior Specialists on Gender

BVP Representatives:

Mr. Nicolas Bernat : BVP Director; Events Management  nicolas@bangkokvideoproductions.com / events@bangkokvideoproductions.com

Miss Jenny Balee ; BVP Director : Thailand Film Coordinator / Production Manager jenny@bangkokvideoproductions.com

Screen shots from Live streaming

Simulcast Live streaming to Clients Website.

This is clients own website with the event being streamed

into their website via their own YouTube page

Simulcast Live streaming to clients Facebook Page

This event had one camera only with highly professional Cameraman

who knows when to Zoom-out, Zoom-in & when to focus on people 

& when to focus on the projector screen. A wide zoom-out at the end 

of a session gives a feeling of being with the audience.

Facebook was by far the most popular platform viewed.

Simulcast Live-streaming to Clients YouTube Channel

YouTube Live streaming was also important to the client because this both stored for future reference their videos

and this is also from where the video was inserted into other websites (including their own website) & can be inserted anytime in the future.

This gives the Live-streaming event future value.

Live-streaming Special Requirements

Live Polling using Sli.do.com

The client would pose questions. the audience both in the room and anywhere in the world 

would vote on the questions using their smart-phone and a web-browser interface.

Live-streaming Special Requirements

In-between sessions pre-recorded video shows

The client had many interesting pre-recorded videos that was streamed between sessions

in all sites (Facebook, YouTube, Websites).

Live-streaming Special Requirements

Anytime instant review of previous sessions

In between Live sessions viewers could watch the session just presented.

This is a good feature. For example, a viewer might have been in a meeting at the time of the presentation,

however they could come back to their computer and watch a re-run after the live event had finished.

Live-streaming Special Requirements

Online Get-reminded of next session notice (pops up on your desktop)



Other Event Special Requirements

Four x 42 inch monitors were set-up in the foyer area where coffee breaks were held

2x  HD  Touchscreen monitors allowed viewers to select & view a range of pre-recorded video's

2x standard HD monitors were setup that displayed event information and showed the projector screen and speakers.

BVP Event with Live streaming Equipment setup & Management Photos

During the set-up process. As you see, when you do it professionally and correct. Live-streaming

even with just one camera takes a lot of equipment and manpower.

We usually set-up the afternoon before an event.

We use hard disc recorders so we don't have to change camera memory cards. We can record for 24 hours non-stop

we monitor the camera view from our control booth so we are always in control. We monitor and manage with a "Switcher"

the "in-between sessions" notices and also the inputs for the in-between session videos.

During the actual filming and recording/Live-streaming, we have 8 crew monitoring each part of the project at all times.

Station #1          + Audio In -always monitored

Station #2          + Video In - always monitored

Station #3 + Transitions & in-between sessions 

Station #4        + AV Encoding for live-streaming

Station #5  +AV Live streaming Out for Facebook

Station #6     + AV Live streaming Out for Youtube

Station #7     + AV Live streaming Out for Websites

Station #8              + Web-casting Live global Polling

Plus we supervise everything. 

BVP Technical Supervisor

BVP Events Division Supervisor

BVP Film Coordinator/Production Manager supervisor 

Quite a team as you see. The result: 100% success every time.