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Filming in Thailand Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations

In order for foreign production companies to film features, television, video visions or still pictures in Thailand (for broadcast, advertisement or distribution), the following rules and regulations apply.

Procedure to Follow for Filming in Thailand

(Step 1-5: Before arrival in Thailand)

Step 1: It is advised that a Thai based coordinator be hired to assist the foreign production company. This company is best able to adhere to procedures that must be followed before a film permit is granted.


The coordinator can assist with the following procedures:

Step 2: Request an application for permission to film in Thailand and fill in the form completely. Application forms can be obtained and submitted both in Thailand and form overseas offices of agencies listed on the proceeding page


A.  If the application is made abroad, it can be submitted through the following agencies in your country:

If the application is made in Thailand, forms can be obtained from the Film Broad of Thailand and resubmitted to the same office. The applicant must submit the application form according to the schedule as set in B before commencement of filming.


Signature of the foreign applicant and authorized coordinator in Thailand is needed on the application form.

B.  For still picture, the photographer has to inform the Film Board before commencing work. The photographer does not need a Film permit.

Step 3: Related documents, which must be submitted along with the application form which include:  

Step 4: After permission to film is granted, the film crew or the local coordinator must apply for crew work permits before entering Thailand. Work permit applications can be obtained from Alien Occupational Control Division, Department of Employment. If the film crew intends to stay for a period not exceeding 15 days, no work permit applications are necessary. The production crew/coordinator must only inform the film Board. The Film Board will then inform the Alien Occupational control Division for formal approval.

Step 5: import and export of equipment and consumables for filming should be in accordance with Customs Department rules and regulations including those on bonds and payment of taxes. However, if the equipment can be regarded as professional equipment, it can be declared under ATA Carnet Law for temporary import exemption from duty and tax. Check if your country is a member of the ATA Carnet Treaty. If so, you have the right to declare your professional equipment under the ATA Carnet law.

(Step 6-9: Filming in Thailand)

Step 6: Upon arrival in Thailand, the filming crew should inform the Film Board of Thailand

Step 7: The Film Board will appoint a Film Board Representative(s) to facilitate the film crew

Step 8: The film crew is required to inform the Film Board Representative(s) specific location shoot schedule at least 2 days prior to the date filming

(Step 9: Departing Thailand)

Step 9: Upon completion of filming, the crew is required to present all film rolls, videocassettes and still pictures to the Film Board Representative(s) t o affix signature on the film case and to receive an approval seal authorizing the production was legally completed. I order to take the film out of Thailand, export permit fees must be paid to the Film Censorship Section, Sub-Division 2, Registration Division, Royal Thai Police.

Important Notes:


1. Expenses of the Film Board Representative(s) for each filming:

A Film Board Representative(s) is assigned to oversee film production from beginning until end, in line with details of the approved script.


          A. Film used for public relation purposes within organizations


          B. Documentary film, and commercial advertisement


          C. Feature Film/Docudrama/TV drama


2)  An export fee of 100 Baht per 100 meters of film is charged by the film Censorship Section, Sub-Division 2nd, the Registration Division, Royal Thai Police Department

3)  Income tax for each talent and crew member engaged by the foreign production company is to be withheld. Computation of income tax for each tax payment is at the rate of 5-37 percent ( depending on income earned ). Withheld tax should be remitted within 7 days of the month following payment. For more information contact the Revenue Department