Helicopter Charter

                                                                                                             Helicopter Charter Services

We work with all the Aviation companies in Thailand that offers services suitable to our clients. The price to you is the same as going direct. The advantage of using our service is that we know the local aviation industry and we can get you the most suitable solution at the best price.

Helicopter Charter for Film Props or VIP Charter Services

Passenger Charter Service

Helicopter Take-off and Landing Zones:


Rom Klao heliport 10 minutes north of Suvarnabhumi International Airport 

Eastern Seaboard

Pattaya Airpark: http://www.thaiflyingclub.com/linkpattayaairpark.html  

Siracha: http://www.thaiflyingclub.com/

Utapo Airport: http://www.utapao.com/


Chiang Mai

AA Chiang Mai Base

Helicopter Procedures within Bangkok Control Zone

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                                                                           Bangkok Video Productions Operates Aerial Filming Drones with the following licenses:

Royal Aeronautics Sports Association of Thailand ID: B15-101-0740

  Thailand Film Office Coordinator license Number:  1 1014 01752 24 

Civil Aviation Of Thailand Licensed Pilots & Drones

Thailand Flight - Regulations & Restricted Areas

Civil Aviation Department Air Navigation Act 2497   Restricted & Danger Zones  Bangkok Restricted Area Map

 Official Government Document Here  | Thailand Airports Map  |  Thailand VFR Map 

Regulations: Thailand UAV Drone Regulations & Laws Thai Laws & Regulations (ENG Translations)