Interview Package Deals

We provide interview services for Major brands, production companies and News Services around the world.

If you have a specific budget - Talk to us. Drop us a line with you budget.  or Whatsapp: +6689 518 6076.

Package A:  1x 4K Cine Camera

Fee: 69,000.00 THB   |  €1885.00 Euro   |   $2,220.00 USD       (VAT included)

Package B:  2x 4K Cine Cameras

Fee: 85,000.00 THB   |   €2,322.00 Euro   |   $2,735.00     (VAT included)



Optional Extras

Post Production Editing of Interviews.

This is the process and timeline for editing 2 hours or less film footage during the interview.

Filming in Full HD. Usually an interview will produce up to 50GB of film footage and about 50-60 individual files on the camera card. 

Our Process.

Day One (DIT -  Digital Imaging Technologist)

Day Two (Non-Linear Editor)

Day Three (Senior Editor)

Day Four (Senior Editor)

Client may wish to make a brief highlight video (trailer) - from the full video delivered. This will usually take 1 further full day, using the above edited video as the basis for the highlight video.

Post Production Costs.
Our basic Fee is 15,000.00 THB per Post-Production man-work-day.   |   USD $485.00   |   €415.00.00 Euro     (Exchange rates may change)
A short interview or just one camera may take less time to Edit (perhaps only 2 days) so this is a guideline only.
Additional costs could include Music Royalty payment (maybe $30.00) Video-template if used (about $30.00) Stock film footage if requested. Additional Animation and motion graphics.