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Pattakorn Khruasena  Creative 

Nickname: "Book"

Philosophy “ Try to be best, on my chance "

Awards: Short film Grand Prix Award, Kogurebito film festival 2018, Japan


(1995-Now) >20 years experienced in visual media entertainment

Beginning jobs as a creative man. Accumulate knowledge &experience from analog until digital today

2013 as a producer,director, edited "Junior Master Chef Thailand",

Shine Australia

2014 producer,co-director, edited "The Delicious Journey ", YTV. Japan

2015 FTA. producer "Asia got Talent ", Fremental Asia, AXN

2016 Head producer,director, edited "Wezaa Go Japan", Kantana Japan

2017 Head producer,director, edited "A matter of Taste", Kantana Japan

"Washoku Chisin", Minichi Broadcasting System Japan

2018 Head producer,director, edited "Happy Sweets", Kantana Japan

"Life's so Good", Minds@Work, CH3 Thailand

Short film Grand Prix Award, Kogurebito film festival 2018, Japan

"GrandPa The wizard"


2004-Now : Producer, Director, Creative,Post , MINDS@WORK CO.,LTD.

TV. Show, Series, Drama, Short & Feature films

TV Format Shows (Thailand)

- (2004-2006) Ru-Jing-Paa Variety talk, game, show on top hit, CH3 Thailand.

- (2007-2008) “44214” Thai Language's edutainment game show award 2007 ,CH3 Thailand.

- (2009-2010) Taa-Rieang variety game shows,, CH3 Thailand.

- (2011) “Cloning Singing Contest,

Season challenging stage copycat (copy singer) competitions’s shows,

CH3 Thailand.

- (2016- Now) Life's so Good, Reality documentary CH3 Thailand.

Series & Films (Thailand)

- (2012) "Love Station", Love comedy series, CH3 Thailand.

- (2012-Now) Karma &The Mirror series, CH3 & HD33, SD28 Thailand.

- (2012-2013) Nung-Dung-Sud-Sup-Da, TVmovie series,CH3 & HD33, SD28Thailand.

- (2013) ThongSook13 (Long weekend),

- (2018) GrandPa The Wizard

Short film Grand Prix Award, Kogurebito film festival 2018, Japan

- (2013) Junior Master Chef Thailand reality show license on TV.3 Thailand.

- (2014) The delicious journey reality show license by YTV, japan format on CH3 Thailand.

- (2015) Asia Got Talent reality stage show license by Fremental

- (2017) Washoku Chisin reality show license by Minichi Broadcasting System Japan

TV Drama

- (2014) “Lukmai Khong Por” Thai Lakorn on CH3 Thailand.

- (2019) "Pleang Naga" Thai Lakorn on CH3 Thailand.


- (2013) “Double A”

Music Video

- (2012) “เสียงของหัวใจ” , “เดียวดาย” GMM, Jazz corner

Freelance Producer&Director — 2000-2003

-­‐ Matching Broadcasting Thailand Public CO.,LTD. (Producer&Director)

- Grammy Entertainment Thailand Public CO.LTD. (Director)

- Lux 666 Thailand CO.,LTD. (Creative)

- Maison CO.,LTD. (TVC. Director)

- Hip&Hop CO.LTD. (Producer Director)

- JSL. CO.LTD. (Creative&Director)

Director&Assistant Producer — 1998-1999

-­‐ Dee Talk CO.,LTD. “สัญญามหาชน” San-Ya-Ma-Ha-Chon

variety shows on CH7 Thailand.

Creative,Director&Co producer — 1995-1997