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A Recent Assignment for a Netflix Approved Production Company


Karen Carpenter Documentary "Starving for Perfection"   AMS Pictures, USA.

Interview in Bangkok with Belinda Carlisle of Rock Group "The Gogos" Time stamp: 1.06

Filming Setup
Note: screenshots above are taken from Raw film footage prior to post-production.
Cameras: 2x Canon C300 Cameras filming at Full HD   Lens: Zeiss CP2 Prime Lens Set. 35mm & 50mm
Sound: Senneisher GH3 Wireless Microphone direct to Camera A plus Rhode NTG4+ Boom Mic Direct into Camera B
Lighting: 2x LED 36W with softboxes; Additional small LED lamps for highlights, Dimer's used in table lamps to reduce brightness.
Props: Background decorations arranged to provide an interesting setting that could be anywhere in the world with soft focus bokeh effect.
Location: Board Room. Anantara Siam Hotel Bangkok

California Music Video Awards- Karen Carpenter: Starving for Perfection WINS Best Feature Music Film or Documentary