Sound Stage Mts 1 and 2

Studio Mts 1

Studio Size:   W 22 x L 31 x H 9 (M.)


We provide a total of 11 studio spaces in various sizes to accommodate the needs for different types of entertainment production. 

The high-ceiling studios are fully-equipped with kitchens, makeup stations, dressing rooms and more, making them as convenient as possible for our tenants. 

Our customers can choose a space most suitable for their type of work, and can opt for either short- or long-term rental. 

The flexibility we offer allows production crews to manage more efficiently under their provided budgets. 

Moreover, we have storage located within the studio areas to keep the sets for the next shootings, as well as plenty of parking lots to serve all cast and crew members.

Our facilities are also used by many as a place to hold exhibitions, wedding receptions, religious events (such as an ordination ceremony), and other special events. 

Apart from the studio rental service, if needed, we can arrange fully fitted apartments with air conditioning for rental just opposite to our studios. Foreign customers may find it exceptionally convenient, as we have both monthly and daily rental options available at a special rate.

We maintain our commitment in developing the best facilities to meet the demand of our customers, keeping in mind our aim to be part of their success in producing high-quality production works.