Ideal Music Video Sets

I am currenty updating this section during January 2024. By end of January, we will present here 100 Studios on this page.

Name: PV1
Style: 4 Studios. White Cyc Wall plus internal & external custom sets
Location: Ramkhamhaeng, Bangkok
Studio 1: 15m x 15m x 6m     Price - Photo Shoot:  20,000.00 THB | Video Shoot: 23,000.00 THB
Studio 2: 10m x 8m x 6m       Price - Photo Shoot: 16,000.00 THB | Video Shoot: 18,000.00 THB
Studio 3: 12m x 15m x 5m     Price - Photo Shoot: 18,000.00 THB | Video Shoot: 20,000.00 THB
Studio 4: 8m x 5m x 5m         Price - Photo Shoot: 14,000,00 THB | Video Shoot: 15,000.00 THB
Coffee Shop: 7m x 9m x 4m  Price - Photo Shoot: 20,000.00 THB | Video Shoot 23,000.00 THB
Overtime: + 20% per hour   |   Setup day: at 50% cost   |   Airconditioning: At cost per unit.

Name: PV2  

Name: PV3  
Style: Large open studio space with White Cyc. Wall, ZGreen Room, Yellow diner & Red Brick spaces
Location: Prawet, Bangkok

Name: PV4 

Name: PV5  
Style: Funky Neon-Graffiti Lit Garage with large open areas and bar
Location: Latprao, Bangkok
Studio Size:
Daily Rate: Full day.
Half Day Rate:

Name: PV6
Style: Funky Neon Spaces
Location: Bangna, Bangkok
Studio Size: 
Price: (Video)

Name: PV7

Name: PV8
Style: A series of Sci-Fii Space themed Rooms

Name: PV9
Style: 2 White Cyc Wall Studios plus internal & External Spaces. Home Set design
Location: Latprao, Bangkok
Studio 1: 6m Wide x 9m Deep
Studio 2: 9m Wide x 9m Deep 
Home Studio: 6m wide x 7m deep x2.4m high  

Name: PV10
Style: Large Studio Complex with Multiple Custom Sets, Internal & External Spaces
Location: Ladprao, Bangkok
Studio 1: 2 floors, size 22 x 16 M. - Ceiling is 7 meters high | 1st fl. Studio. White floor. Space + Corner Option. Cabaret Room | 2nd floor is divided into 2 (zones) Brick Zone & Kitchen Zone. There are many angles to choose from. Live action room & Live Streaming.
Studio 2: Area size 10m Wide x 10m Deep x 5m High. Supports 50 People. Multi-color lighting

Name: PV11

Name: PV12
Style:  Concrete Minimilism -Dutch Painter "Escher" Style
Location: Phrakhanong, Bangkok

Name: PV15
Style: Glass enclosed Studio - See Page for more photos
Location:, Bangkok

Name: PV16
Style:Glass enclosed small studio  - See Page for more photos
Location: , Bangkok

Name: PV17
Style: Mediterranean White Rooftop
Location: Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Name: PV18
Style: Red Brick Arch Windows
Location: Ramkhamhaeng, Bangkok

Name: PV19
Style: Gothic Arches with internal & external filming angles. Massive Antique Doors - See more here
Location:, Bangkok

Name: PV20
Style: Classic Italian Building with many Interior & Exterior Filming Locations
Location:, Bangkok

Name: PV23
Style: Ground Floor (PV24 shows 2nd floor)
Location: Ladprao, Bangkok
Studio Size: 22m x 16m x 7m

Price includes 1st floor white wall studio, dressing room, private room.
1 Que (6am to 6pm) 27,000.00 THB
Setup day 50% Discount. Electricity 3,500.00 THB per que. O/T 3,000.00 THB per hour
Book PV23 & PV24 (1st & 2nd floors) for 40,000.00 THB

Name: PV24
Style: Second Floor of PV23
Location: Ladprao, Bangkok

Name: PV25
Style:  Orange Mediterranean Rooftop
Location: Ramkhamhaeng, Bangkok

Name: PV26
Style: 4White Swinning 60's Sunken Lounge Style
Location: Ramkhamhaeng, Bangkok

Name: PV Studio 

Name: PV Studio