Aerial Mapping for Archaeology

Aerial Mapping for Archaeology & More

Using consumer grade cameras or highly specialized sensors to acquire images from UAVs, aircraft and the ground, we have opened doors to new mapping and modeling solutions that were impossible to achieve or too expensive and time-consuming to produce in the past. Pix4Dmapper produces highly-precise orthomosaics, DSMs, DTMs and 3D models in an affordable and efficient way.

The outputs produced are helpful to archaeologists: in identifying archaeological features to direct research and conservation efforts, as well as generating comprehensive topographic GIS data to support archaeological surveying and subsequent phases of excavation. They can also be used to document cultural heritage sites, all the while using Pix4Dmapper’s integrated edition tools to assess the 3D models created, annotate vector objects and seamlessly import them into CAD or GIS software packages. Even producing affordable topographic maps and models for landscaping, golf courses and property management are all growing applications for our innovative image processing technology. New ways for using this unlimited technology are discovered on a daily basis.

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