Voice-Over Narration Services

Voice-Over Narration Services

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Teleprompter Hire

Price Estimate.

Prices may vary greatly depending upon type of work, complexity of script, language, experience of voice-artist etc. Please request quote from: info@filmbase.co 

Note: USD prices are a guideline only as currency exchange rates may vary.

These Price estimates are for the Voice Artist Talent Fee only. 

Additional fees: 

To calculate the full cost add together the fees above (estimate your studio time, remember it usually takes several recordings and then allow 30 minutes for sound engineer post-production mixing) and select the length of the Artist speech.

For complex recording or more clarification let us quote you directly: info@fbangkokvideoproductions.com 

Price may vary depending upon the Artist selected. Once you have made your selection we will confirm the price.

Voice Artists

We provide Voice Artists in a wide range of languages for localization as well as dubbing-Movies (in-sync) in multiple languages but specializing in Thai language where we have a wide pool of Voice-Artists who have dubbed more Hollywood features than any other team in Thailand. Listen to our Voice Artists here

Bangkok Voice Narration Recording Studio 

Recommended for recording any  vocals or any mix of instruments. We can record 16 tracks at the same time. This studio room uses SSL (Solid State Logic) & tPMC Monitor speakers for recording. We work on 24bit 96kHz

Console​: Solid State Logic (SSL) AWS 948 (48 Mono/24 Stereo)

Instrument: Yamaha C3 Grand Piano

Recorder & Outboard: Solid State Logic (SSL) Alphalink AX (24 I/O) x2

Monitoring System: PMC TwoTwo6, PMC MB3 XBD-A

Studio Size: Control Room - 6.0 M. X 6.7 M. Studio Room - 4.5 M. X 6.7 M.



Our working process:

Once we have the full requirements we will supply up to 10 voice samples at a time. Select sample and select backup sample.

We ask you to send us 2 paragraphs of the script and we will ask the voice-artist to make a "phone" recording in the Voice-style that you want. This allows you to confirm your selection. If you do not like the style, we can try a different style and record again. Or we can change to you backup selection.

Once confirmed we record the voice in our own dedicated professional voice-recording-studio and send you the final voice as a clean-copy in the file format of your choice.

We can also additionally undertake Post-production and add the voice to an existing video or film.

Voice Artist Assignment Types

How many words can be spoken within a specific time-span

Understand that it may take several readings to record a perfect recording, so the tables below are based on continued single reading without any mistakes (seldom achieved).

How long to read an average page.

For more information on word-count and talking speed. View here

Words to time calculator



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International 668 951 860 76

Local: 089 518 6076


International 668 951 860 76

Local: 089 518 6076


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