Property Development Initial Site Survey

The purpose of the Initial Site Survey is to identify opportunities and challenges in building and services placement and also to establish the views in a 360 degree image from various floors, thus allowing you to adjust your floor pricing model based upon the expected views.

Price. 35,000 THB



Flight Permissions:

What We Do

Preliminary Site View

Get a wide angle view of your property and its placement within its surrounding area

Google Earth cannot give you an up-to-date view of your site. But we can.

View your site and surrounding neighbors.

Identify your property boundaries.

With a clear understanding of the land you can plan building placement.

360 degree View of Property & Primary View

Understand its relationship in regards to your surrounding properties.

360 degree Height Views

We film every 10m height so you can understand the views from every floor.

This allows you to price floors based upon views.

10m height 360 degree View

20m height 360 degree View

75m height 360 degree View

150m height 360 degree View

Advanced Surveys:

We can also undertake advanced surveys to address specific issues.

We survey the entire site is an auto-flight grid-plan.

Survey flight pattern for advanced survey techniques.

We can provide numerous data results from this flight plan.

3D Mapping & Volumetric Calculations


Know volumes for earth removal or earth fill requirements.

Understand the contours in exact detail for maximin profit planning

Know natural drainage routes for water runoff management

Urban planning with accurate information

Site detail for building placement and site-management

during construction.

Our Drones

We have a wide selection of drones available. see here

For This service we recommend the most cutting-edge

 Drone currently available.

DJI Inspire 2 

with X5 Ultra High definition 4K interchangeable lens Camera

See what it can do.