Sound Recording - Studio Matrix


Studio Matrix is recommend for Mixing & Mastering vocals & instruments. This room has a Hybrid Studio Workflow and has an extensive array of outboard equipment. The control system is digital but the sound is Analogue. We work on 24bit 96kHz

Studio Matrix


    • Solid State Logic (SSL) Matrix 2 ( 32 Input )


    • Yamaha C3 Grand Piano

Recorder & Outboard

  • Solid State Logic (SSL) Network 1/0 A32

  • Solid State Logic (SSL) Dante PCIE Card

Monitoring System

    • PMC TwoTwo 8

Outboard Gear

  • Mic Pre and EQ

    • Solid State Logic Super Analogue Pre Microphone (4)

    • Solid State Logic(SSL) E-Series Equalizer Module (2)

    • Solid State Logic (SSL) Superanaloge Equalizer Module (4)

    • Solid State Logic(SSL) Stereo Equalizer Module (1)


    • Focusrite Blue 330 (For Mastering)

    • Solid State Logic(SSL) Dynamic Module Compressor (4)

    • Solid State Logic (SSL) E-Series Dynamic Module (2)

    • Solid State Logic (SSL) Stereo Dynamic Module (1)

    • Solid State Logic (SSL) G Bus Compressor Module (1)

    • Stereo Variable MU® Limiter Compressor

Reverb & Delay

    • Lexicon 960L


    • Solid State Logic Fusion

    • Focusrite Blue 330 Mastering Compressor


    • 1,200.00 THB Hour

    • 6,500.00 THB for 6 hours (1 session)

    • **After 12AM there is an additional charge of 300 Baht/hour


    • Teleprompters (Large & Small - prices at link)

    • Laptop Computer with auto-scrolling software & remote controller - 1,200.00 THB day

    • 10" Tablet with auto-scrolling software & remote controller - 800.00 THB day

    • Video Continuous Lighting for recording studio setting (Prices at link)

Voice Artists

We also have our own Recording Artists in-house where you can quickly review and select your preferred recording-artist in multiple Asian languages as well as English.

Review our voice artists here: