C40: Red Epic Dragon Package

C40 RED Epic Dragon Camera Package 

Full Package Price including A,B,C,D & E: 

Order Code: PAC001

RED Epic Dragon Camera Package (A)

Price (A): 41,440 THB

Lens & Filter Package (B)

Price (B): 11,830 THB

Tripod Package (C)

Price (C): 2,380 THB

Transport for this Package (D)

Price (D): 2,400 THB

Crew For this Package (E)

Price (E): 20,150 THB

Crew Overtime Rates

Crew 1st Que is a total of 11 hours. Calculated from the time they leave the office/hotel to their return to the office/hotel. 

Note: Add 300 THB day per-diem for each crew member.

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Contact us and place you order for this package: info@bangkokvideoproductions.com Order Code: PAC001