BVP Filmbase Phuket
Filmbase is a place for our clients to stay and prepare for filming work in Phuket
Each BVP Filmbase has our own in-house Film-equipment store & Post-Production Editing Station
Bangkok Video Productions Is a Filmbase Company.

Filmbase Phuket

Filmbase Phuket offers a relaxing environment complete with everything you need to create your temporary base whilst filming in Phuket.




Daily Rates:

Film Equipment based in Phuket.

Camera Support


Light Modifiers

Equipment Plus Key-Grip & Transport
20,000.00 THB per day + 7% VAT 

Post Production

We have a Black Magic Post Production setup.

Phuket Transport

BVP Phuket Van hire with Driver

Daily Rate:
2,500.00 THB per day
+ Including driver (Khun Akim)
+ 10 luxury seats
+ Equipment space
+ Gas at cost price

Large SUV Option - Same Driver, Same price


Our Location
Filmbase Phuket is centrally located for fast access to any location on the Island & a 3 hour drive to Krabi Beaches.


Jenny Balee van Vlerken
MD. BVP Phuket Office

Line ID: bangkokvideo
WhatsApp: +66 89518 6076