Advanced Drone Services

Thailand Advanced Drone Services

A whole new range of Aerial Drone Services

3D Aerial Mapping Package

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    • Aerial Survey & Mapping

    • Thermal Imaging

    • Forestry management

    • Oil & Gas Pipeline Surveys

    • Precision Agriculture

    • Environmental Management

    • Urban Planning

    • Construction Site Management

    • Power Generation

    • Search & Rescue

    • Disaster Monitoring

    • Security & Crowd Management

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Bangkok Video Productions Operates Aerial Filming Drones with the following licenses:

Royal Aeronautics Sports Association of Thailand ID: B15-101-0740

Thailand Film Office Coordinator license Number: 1 1014 01752 24

Thailand Flight - Regulations & Restricted Areas

Civil Aviation Department Air Navigation Act 2497 Restricted & Danger Zones Bangkok Restricted Area Map

Official Government Document Here | Thailand Airports Map | Thailand VFR Map

Regulations: Thailand UAV Drone Regulations & Laws Thai Laws & Regulations (ENG Translations)