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Corporate Videos Showcase Companies Services & also Include Corporate Presentations.
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Bangkok Office

Phuket Office

Chiang Mai Office

Eastern Seaboard Office

Myanmar Office

Cambodia Office

Vietnam Office

Philippines Office

Laos Office

Film Permits, Visas, Work Permits, Location Permits 

Bangkok Video Productions is a Thailand Film Office Licensed International Film Coordinator. (Film Fixer)

Filming Permits

Filming Visa's

Work Permits

Media & Press Permits

Film & Video Studios, Audio Recording Studios, Filming Locations 

BVP Studios (Large Cyclonic, Green-Screen Studio, Backdrop Studio)

Sound Stages

White Cyclonic Studios

Unique Photography & Video Studios

Custom Designed Photography & Video Sets

Practical Sets (e.g. MRT Train Interior, Aeroplane Interior, Hospital etc, Film Studio Sets)

Suburban Homes as dedicated Photography & Video Sets

Event Filming & Equipment Hire 

Post Production Services 

New Service: Multilingual Dubbing of Corporate Videos  (Up to  9 Voice Actors - 24 hour Turn-around)

General Editing Services - Non Linear Editing, Color Correction & Coloring 

Sound Design Services - Voice Overs & Narrations, Music Composition,

Explainer Animated Videos

Animation, Motion Design & Graphics


Localization & Accessibility - Subtitling, Dubbing, Translations, Sign Language, Multilingual Audio, Islamic Movie Censorship

Last Update: 10th November 2023