South East Asia Business Awards

"Diverse" - means. No matter your needs. We are already prepared to serve you well!

This has been awarded to us partially on the basis of how we diversified our services to get through COVID.


    • Remote Presentations

    • Remote Holographic-Presentations

    • Remote Interviews

    • Remote Filming

We Developed a new Casting Agency with a focus on Cast uploading and managing their own profiles. See The first of its kind - where talent receive a personal URL and add their own contact information. Talent can add pictures, videos, filmography, personal data, social media links and so much more... all for free. This is a global site.

Our remote filming services where the "Director" or "Client team" is in an international location such as Los-Angeles and they "Direct" the Live filming production remotely.

We do this by connecting the Director directly to the "in-camera view" and a second "Full-set view" The Director and his team are all online viewing us live. They are on loud-speaker as are we. The Director and his team are on-screen where we can all see them.

We project the international team onto a Monitor or large screen so the cast and crew can see the Director in real-time and take his Direction and the Director and his team can see us all with additional connected cameras. This is mostly for "studio" or "set-locations" shooting and it has worked out very well for everyone.

Another focus has been on Green-screen filming in our studios. A great example of this is Rave Culture. Again the Director and his team were in Hollywood and we filmed with the cast and crew here in Thailand. Rave Culture - Live! View the result here.(300,000 view in the first month release). We have a wide range of film backgrounds available for our clients.

Our clients have included known brand names like

    • Netflix (Karen Carpenter Documentary)

    • Estee Lauder Makeup

    • Rave Culture

and so many more over the last year.

I think also due to our diverse range of services from our Creative Agency, Filming Services to our Aviation Division, & our Events & Seminars Division

Our film studios, Film Equipment hire and even video-marketing services..... They all add to being a very diverse film production company not to mention out own financial pot!

Our Aviation Division - As another example, We diversified and used our filming drones and trained & Certified Crew for industrial use. Providing Solar Farm Thermal Inspections as well as other industrial uses. We just had to arrange new thermal cameras, software & training. We have now completed several thermal inspections of Thailand Solar farms and have more in the works.

Anyway. Happy to receive the recognition.

Thank you.