Photo-shoots & Photography

Photoshoots and Photography does not require film permits but still do require location permits, National Parks permits and other various permits depending where you are shooting.

We provide full services including locations and location permits, all photography equipment including camera, light, grips, power management, all photography crew & assistants, logistics including transport, catering and security, aerial photography with drones and helicopters, and we have our own model & casting agency.


Set Design & Props

Wardrobe & Makeup

Casting Vehicles

Aviation: Planes, helicopters & Drones

On-Water & Underwater Boats & Drones

Photography Custom Design Studio Sets

Photoshoot Locations

European Villages

Italian Venice Style | Tuscany, Spanish, Moorish styles | Swiss - French Village | Amish barn | Hacienda & Spanish-Mexican Village | German Town |Greek Village | Traditional European Town & more.



Thailand has some of the best beaches in the world, but photoshoots are a combination of scenery and budgets so we have beaches from all around Thailand at all sorts of prices starting at free.

National Parks

Thailand has an abundance of National parks from the Northern mountains through the Western Plains and down South to waterside and island National Parks. Lots of wold animals, beautiful backdrops and more.

Page Updated: March 2022