Filming in Thailand during COVID 19

Last Updated: 1st February 2021 - Thailand is open to foreign film crews. A 2 week quarantine is mandatory. See list of Quarantine hotels here

Thailand is open for foreign film crews to fly to Thailand and film in Thailand. Here is the latest news, alerts, links and information.

Thailand Film Office e-book about filming during COVID-19

Before Flying to Thailand

1.1 What you need to prepare for COVID Regulations

    1. Certificate of Entry from Thai Embassy (COR) confirming your eligibility for entry into Thailand (you must get this)

    2. Health Certificate from Certified Laboratory Certifying you are COVID 19 free within 72 hours of travel. (you must get this)

    3. Fit-to-Fly health certificate from Doctor or hospital confirming you have no medical conditions that would impact your ability to travel. (you must get this)

    4. Travel Insurance with US$100,000.00 COVID-19 cover (you must get this)

    5. Quarantine Hotel Booking Confirmation - From 27,000.00 THB per person for 14 days - See list of Quarantine hotels here We can book for you upon receipt of payment.

    6. Copy of Passport main identity page (you must provide this)

1.2 What you need to prepare for Filming Permits

    1. Invitation Letter from Film Board inviting you to Thailand. - (Upon receipt off all documents above & in this list,we can get this for you)

    2. Letter appointing a Licensed Film-Coordinator (that's us) (You must send to us) sample letter here. Must be on your letterhead.

    3. Prepared Application for Film Permit - (We will do this upon receipt of all documents)

    4. A Story-board for TV Commercials (You must prepare this)

    5. A Treatment for Documentaries (You must prepare this)

    6. Theme and Lyrics for a Music Video (You must prepare this)

    7. Details of Content & Objectives of Program for TV programs (You must prepare this)

    8. A Schedule of Filming in Thailand specifying exact dates and locations for each day of filming (exact street addresses needed and times/date of filming) (You must prepare this - we will help you as required)

    9. A list of names and crew positions of all foreign Crew (You must prepare this)

    10. Copy of Passport main identity page (another copy) (You must prepare this)

    11. 3 Original Passport Photos (Bring with you to Thailand) 5cmx6cm (You must prepare this)

    12. Work Permit Applications (prepared by us upon receipt of all documents)

1.3 Film Permit Related Costs

    1. Letter from Film Board inviting you to Thailand. - Cost 25,000.00 THB

    2. Prepared Application for Film Permit - Cost 35,000.00 THB

    3. Work Permit Applications (prepared by us) - Cost 3,500.00 THB per permit per person

  1. Thailand Film Office Monitor Fee - 3,500.00 THB per filming day (plus accommodation & food if filming outside of Bangkok)

  2. Thailand Film Coordinator Fee - 6,000.00 THB per filming day

    1. COVID 19 Insurance for all THAI Cast & Crew for COVID related health issues for minimum of 500,000.00 THB. If anyone is infected the foreign production company is responsible for any excess costs not covered by the insurance policy. -BVP can obtain these policies for you. Cost is about 1,500.00 TB per person per week. List of Thailand Insurance Companies Minimum Thai Crew is 2 persons - Film Monitor and Film Coordinator.

1.4 Preparation Schedule

    • Invitation Letter from Film Board - Allow 7 days from time of submission.

    • BVP film permit preparation - Allow 7 days - this will be ready the day you leave quarantine.

Upon Arrival at Thailand's International Airport

COVID Precautions

  1. Screening for respiratory symptoms and fever will be conducted at Passport Control

  2. All documents in 1.1 above must be submitted to Disease Control Officer upon entry.

  3. Each person arriving must install the official Thailand Contact Tracing application on your smart phone - MorChanna App is available for free from App Store & Google Play

    1. Bangkok Video Productions and your hotel will provide all transport. Our representative will meet you at the Airport. You are not allowed to use public transport during your stay in Thailand.

Quarantine Period

    1. You will be taken directly to your Quarantine hotel from the airport by either hotel or BVP transport.

    2. Your quarantine period is 14 days, 15 nights.

    3. You will be tested twice for COVID 19 during the quarantine period. Once within the first 5 days and again within the last 4 days.

    4. There is a limit of 1 foreign cast per room in the quarantine hotel. Even if you are with family members.

    5. You are not allowed to leave the hotel premises during the quarantine period.

    6. You may continue to work with BVP and other outside people via computer (Face-time, Zoom, Email, CHat etc).

    7. During this quarantine period, all aspects of the film-permit should be finalized. BVP can even take your film-permit to the film office for preview and oversight so that is is ready fro submission and once submitted it will be quickly approved.

Receiving your Film Permit

    1. The Film-Permit submission can only proceed after you have completed your quarantine.

    2. The Film Office reviews film permits 3 times a week and approves the permits submitted correctly during these meetings.

  1. It takes 1-2 days after approval to receive the film permit.

Filming Production

    1. A COVID 19 test can be carried out at any random time during production if COVID-19 is suspected. This will be paid for by the client.

    2. All locations, cast and crew must adhere to COVID 19 Filming Regulations as stated in the Thailand Film Office COVID 19 ebook. pages 3-20. BVP is aware of the conditions in the ebook and will guide you through any requirements on-set.

    3. Transport: We will provide your Crew & Cast with tCOVID-Complaint transport at a cost of 3,500.00 THB daily

Finished Filming

  1. When filming is completed all foreign film crew must leave Thailand.

  2. No additional travel is allowed within Thailand either during or after filming.

Cost Summary

Transport including driver & gas (Daily Rate during filming & also if required daily rate for airport to hotel to airport daily rate)

3,500.00 THB

Schedule Summary

  • Allow 7-9 days to prepare documentation before leaving your home country

    • Allow 16-18 days from Thailand airport arrival to start of filming.

Ready To Start The Process?

    1. Send us an email to and attach:

    2. - Letter appointing a Licensed Film-Coordinator (that's us) sample letter here. Must be on your letterhead.

    3. - Either 4,5,6,or 7 in step 1.2 (Telling us about what you wish to film)

    4. - A proposed filming schedule (allowing for preparation & quarantine time)

    5. - Number of foreign Crew & foreign Cast

    6. Provide us with a Message Service ID. e.g. WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, Skype etc. Details below. Then send us a message. (we will answer right away)

    1. We will send you an invoice for payment based upon your above request.

    1. Send us payment by bank-transfer to the account in the invoice.

    2. Send a copy of the transfer receipt to us via email -

    1. We will then work with you trough message service (Cat) and Email to complete the preparation and to answer any questions and generally guide you through the process.

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