Wardrobe Crew & Costumes

We have both Professional Wardrobe Crew (tailors & fitters & Wardrobe supervisors) and all manor of costume hire

Contact info@bangkokvideoproductions.com for more information

Costumes are daily hire, weekly and monthly. We also offer fittings at the hire shop or using our Wardrobe Crewing service fittings on set.

Note: Direct Links. I have categorized them however most shops have many different styles so check them all out.

Wardrobe Crew

Tailors, Fitters, Wardrobe Supervisors

From 10,000.00 THB day

Elegant Clothes

Direct Links:

    • https://www.bchurunway.com

    • https://www.formalaffairbkk.com

    • https://stylestatementofficial.com

    • https://www.facebook.com/MAGICHAPPENSSHOP/

    • https://www.facebook.com/borrowmedressforrent/

Period Costumes

Character Costumes

Direct Links:

National Dress Costumes

Fancy & Fantasy Dress Costumes

Direct Links:

Halloween Costumes